Another stunning day with Level 10. This time in my nice new C&C. I lent my RT out to some other guys (I think three different people played with it over the day) and had no reported problems, one of them even very kindly shot me with it Maybe JanStah or Jonneh will add their own comments.

Anyway the C&C was flawless today. Chrono'd at +/- 2fps. Shot two cases of paint pretty much. No chops or barrel breaks or anything, just lines of paint that got commented on by an IR3 user as 'fast'

I was running hybrid mode and ACE on setting 1.

With the extreme because it has ACE also I am thinking about using one of the shorter springs so I can run my tank down lower. At the moment my gun requires at least 850psi to shoot reliably. I'm thinking I should be able to get that lower with a shorter spring and thus squeeze a few more shots from the tank. The trade off to a heavier bolt force may well be worth it since the ACE and halo B are covering the bases.

With a mechanical gun I think having the bolt force as low as possible is best (as per my RT) but with an extreme with ACE you don't have to worry so much. Since the ACE stops you chopping also... I shall be trying out my theory during the week or next weekend.