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Took about 10 minutes to install and 45 to tune.
No. 2 Carrier
2 Shims
The spring that has one end cut
no foamie
Chrono'd at 273
Didn't notice a drop in efficiency.
Around 1000 rounds fired not one ball break.
Using Cobra Eggs, Point Blanks, and All Stars.

As the friend with micromag (mentioned in Gibby's post), I had absolutely no chops and enjoyed hammering the trigger. The RT valve responded well and the trigger has a nice crisp feeling to it.

No more short stroking...no more breaks anywhere! It was a great squeegee-less night! Showed the people on the field what Level 10 could do, it definitely changed their views on Mags for good!
Hi, I've heard a lot about you!! You have some pretty good predictions!!!