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Thread: Offical LVL10, Reports from the Field Thread

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    FreshmanBob Guest
    First off this things awsome!

    I'm using the 1.5 carrier with 2 shims and the short spring. All together i fired about 1300-1400 rounds without one single break or chop! Usually the bolt would push the paintball either all the way into the chamber and fire or out of it and dry fire if it wasn't quite there. I can even stick my pinky in the breech and fire, just goes pff an resets.

    The only problem i found was that when first gasing up the gun i had to push the bolt back about an 8th of an inch then it worked great.

    This things amazing! usually i would have had atleast 2 chops and 1 barrel break, but not anymore!

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    UPDATE I went to my friendly paintball field for some more hardcore testing. My set-up is the 1.5 carrier, one shim and the original spring on my warp feed left E-mag (converted RT Pro) with warp feed and turborev board modified revolution. I have put over 6000 rounds through my E-mag today, brands including JT Maxim,Inferno, Midnight, Zap Pro and a year old case of brand X paint. All in all it was a fun and uneventfull day with not a single chop. Quite a surprise from my friends at the field who are use to seeing me walk off the field oozing paint from the barrel from my chopping paint. Now, I am just trying to find more brittle paint to shoot through it, as the most brittle paint the field offers (see above) has been shot through my E-mag. I will continue to update whenever I get more paint to shoot.

    "The BEAST"
    "No-Rise" E-mag
    Level 10 Bolt
    AGD Flatline 91cu in/4500psi
    Black HALO B

    "Red Heatseeker"
    Red to Clear Fade Freak Factory Impulse
    68/4500psi Max-Flo
    Red HALO B

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    I am using the 1.5 carrier with 0 shims and the longest spring. I fired 350 shots, not sure what kind it is, well I had 0 breaks, 0 chops. Tomorrow I am going to put 1000 more through it and see what happens ,and do even more testing.

    -Problems encountered
    The only problems I had was when I first dry fired about 3 times, the foamie came flying out. So I had to reglue it after. And also there was a very small leak but after try fireing it for alittle bit that took care of it. Every thing else went pretty well from there.

    -took me about 40 minutes
    -68 mag P/f ,12 volt revy,I-frame, teardrop barrel,68/3000 800psi usally get around 750 shots.

    --Gas Efficiency
    Not really sure yet, going to get my tank refilled tomorrow and then I can probably tell and update on it. Not sure what my velocity is, but will find out soon.

    LVL 10 is awsome!

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    Thumbs up Tom....

    It seemed to be about the perfect config for the markers I was working on, really gentle on the paint, didn't take much to stop the bolt. Basicly I never wanted to see a broken ball at the bolt again on these three markers. The normal spring just didn't seem to be forgiving enough for me.

    I didn't have any major bolt stick problems until I hit that bag of really gritty paint in my EMag, this stuff was really dusty, I could feel it on my hand after loading up my tubes, and this was right out of a fresh box. The other three bags in the case were just fine. When I got home, the bolt and spring were really grimey, more so then usual. Oiling up regularly between games really seems to go along way.

    Went out today to another field, their field limit is 300 fps, dialed in at 295, was +/- 3 fps all day long. Burned through 2 and half cases of Diablo Hellfire, 0 chops/0 breaks.

    Quotes from today...

    A player on pink team as I walk by: "I hear there is someone on yellow with an E-mag, I bet he doesn't get to play very often with all the paint he breaks"
    3 guys standing near him start chanting "blender, blender, blender, blender..."
    I salute them with a big grin on my face. In game I took out one of his buddies on the right tape as he's making a move for the 50 yard bunker, tagged him on the run with a long string of paint, yelled for my teammates to give me cover fire and boogied for the bunker he had just vacated, got angles on their whole front line, shot 5 out in short order. At the end of the game I walked past the same four players, I was chanting "e-mag, e-mag, e-mag, e-mag..." with a big stupid grin on my face

    Ref comes up to me after game three, it's Mike, a guy I've known and played with for over 10 years: "Been alot of complaints that you're shooting full auto, I know you have a stock EMag so I know that aint possible. Mind if I check it out?"
    "Sure thing."
    He rips a long string of paint, sounded like around 10 bps... "Oh... My....God....... that aint right."
    He hands it back, I take it and rip a faster and longer string.... no hickups, no chops, nothing, just a long string of Hellfire hitting a narrow tree 30 feet away. I turn back to Mike and say "Level 10 warpfed HALO goodness."
    "You're shooting Hellfire?"
    Mike turns and walks away without saying a single word, the expression on his face was priceless.

    After lunch I moved from the speedball field to the woods, so did the first 4 guys I ran into at the first game. Flanked left, took out three guys who didn't even know I was there, shot out 3 people in the flag station, pulled the flag, then came down the opposite side of the field. Ran into my 4 buddies on the left tape, butt shot two of them before they even knew I was there.
    One of them yells: "Oh poop-poop-de-do! Its the Emag guy!"
    Shot the remaining two out. Came out with the flag over my shoulder only to get shotout by my own team, gotta love rec ball Game ends 5 minutes later when the 12 year old who shot me out returned the flag to our base.
    Back in the staging area I'm reloading and chilling out. My 4 buddies approach me, they're wanting to take a serious look at the EMag/Warp/HALO rig I'm running. Showed them how LVL 10 works and let them shoot it at the chrono station. 4 new Automag converts...

    -Evil Bob
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    Level 10 installed on a Triggernomics ReTro Mag

    2 shims
    standard bolt spring

    Installation took about 30 minutes. One thing I'd like to add...If you have it gassed up and your marker does not leak, but when you pull the trigger and the bolt only goes slightly forward and either does not reset itself or resets itself, you need to turn up your velocity.

    I shot a 2000 rnd case of Kick'n paint without a single break. The paint is a medium shell. The temp was in the 80s and the humidity was very, very high. In fact it was so humid that the paint would swell shortly after taking it out of the bag. Most of the case (1500) was shot during play. The remaing 500 were shot as fast as possible. I shot an entire hopper with my loader off and not a single break.

    I haven't used this product enough to tell if there is a difference in efficiency.

    I am very impressed and have a new found love for my mag.
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    1_BAD_TAZ Guest
    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    It took me about 2 hours while reading the instructions from Tom. Then took to proshop to get the Automag expert to help fine tune it. That took another hour or two.

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Automag classic with Auto Response (no more paint soup). I need a faster loader then my 9 volt it can't keep up with the A/R


    About the same.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    0 breaks 0 chops blaze and team colors. a couple of breaks when we held the ball there and kept firing. (side note 6 hits in tourney paint and it will break)

    -Any problems you encountered

    none pretty simple with the instructions from Tom. The Proshop just changed the carrier to make it so it doesn't break tourney paint.

    -Other general comments

    Level 10 is well worth the cash unless you have never choped a ball. I also love telling people i don't carry a squegee anymore go find a ref.

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    Level 10 Installation - ReTro Minimag

    Installation Time: About 30 minutes.

    #1 carrier (1.5 had a very small leak when pushing the bolt around)
    Long Spring
    1 Shim

    Shot 1000 rds of Anarchy - 0 breaks/ 0 chops
    Shot 500 rds of Great American - 0/0

    Efficiency: First time using a new tank. Switched from a 47ci nitro duck to a 68ci Flatline. No accurate measurement but I got about 600 out of my 68ci and I used to get 600 out of my 47ci w/o Lvl 10. So I believe it is a bit less efficient. Not to bad

    Problems: The first part of the day the marker worked flawlessly. After I removed the valve to show some Mag Haters why they were getting smoked all day I had a few issues. After shooting a few shots, then waiting 15 seconds or so, the next shot would be extremely low pressure the next shot would shoot 2 balls, then everything was fine till it was rested again. I could not detect any leaks and the tank was full and regulated pressure was showing 850 psi. I have yet to be able to go through the marker to see if I could find anything else wrong. Any ideas would be appreciated. (I tried re-oiling it)

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    Efficiency: Roughly 800 reliable shots from a 3K fill. Just a bit less than before.
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    The level ten arived and within ten minutes it was up and running. we (me and sniper1rfa) used the quick start guide. our set up uses the medium spring, two shims, and the 1-1/2 carrier. we had NO problems whatsoever with an old level 7.

    we shot about 500 rounds of mixed old, crappy, 2 bounce TC and old crappy marbs. the only problem (sorry, i lied) we had was that some of the paint was so swollen the bolt could not push it into the breech. we had one break because a good (read: better) ball slammed into a stuck one. no chops though. i doubt this will be a problem with good paint. BTW, sniper1rfa, who cannot shoot a mag to save his life, put the thing through its paces, stopping the bolt on paint every 5th shot or so.

    we ran about 350 shots through it and the 68 ci tank whent from 2300 psi to about 1200 psi. noticeably worse, but not too bad. ran fine with a screw in preset tank.

    also, the foamie is still kickin', though i doubt it is necessary with this kit.

    now excuse me while i go shoot my finger some more (im out of paint).

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    Well. I got my two level 10's today.


    First installation into my emag Installation took about 40 min to get it right (including shim tweaking). It may take more to get it perfect.

    I tried the a couple of different carriers ending up with a number two. The carrier initially felt tight, but the next larger one leaked air. The number 2 carrier performs well though so it must be the proper fit.

    Next came the shims. I held the bolt while pulling the trigger to see what effect each of the shims had. I found that 5 shims caused constant leakage out the barrel, 4 worked but leaked if the bolt was bumped or if the trigger was slightly pressed. 3 shims provided crisp control without premature leakage . There really wasn't much difference in feel between 2 shims and 3 shims except that the air would vent quicker in the event of a blockage if the 3 shims were used instead of 2.

    I've stayed with the short stock spring. I haven't got a chrono so I can't play with the settings properly until the weekend.

    Update: Well, I couldn't wait so I purchased a chrono. I played with the settings and ended up using the middle(cut) spring. I am able to shoot about 285 consistently without missing a shot due to a tight ball. The largest spring wouldn't shoot when the velocity was consistently below 300. With the middle spring the impact on the ball is very light and gentle. I believe I have found Nirvana in my emag.

    Update: I had the emag in a tounament today June 13/2002. When setting it up to chrono using the standard RT chrono method, it would cough with a ball in the chamber. When I fired normally, it seemed to work fine. I though I might be close to the edge of performance so I cut about 1/4 inch of spring steel off the middle spring (not 1/4 inch of length) that I was using. I was able to chrono properly after that with no coughing. After breaking it in it seems to work better and I may have to order another proper middle spring.

    I shot about 1200 rounds in 5 games playing 3 on 3. I busted a ball in the breech at the start of the second game. It didn't look like a chop but it made a mess. Other than that it rocked and it felt good. Lots of mag users were at the tourny and I was spreading the news.

    I noticed a slight metal on metal sound when manually pushing the bolt in and out of the power tube. It had a rougher feel than normal. Maybe its just something due to tighter tolerences and will smooth itself during break-in. Anyone else notice this? It doesn't seem to affect the operation. I just don't like the feel of metal on metal. Update. The metal contact was between the new power tube tip and the inside of the new bolt. Contact was being made at the front outside edge of the round section of the power tube tip, and only on one side. It'll probably smooth itself out. I'll be keeping an eye on it for wear.

    I tried shooting with a squeegy held down the front of the emag against the bolt. That way I could get a feel for the pressure applied to the ball. The pressure is very gentile until about the 3/4 past the feed neck. You can feel the difference by varying the end of the squeegy when you fire. Its quite amazing.

    I can see that my chopping problem will be eliminated or at least reduced even if a generic setup is used. I'll be fine tuning mine through a range of settings. Whats the use of a beta tester if I don't put it through its paces. See above comments now that I've updated.


    I've installed the second level 10 bolt kit into an old 1993 vintage level 7 automag using the stock spring. Set-up time was about 30 min. I figured it would be much quicker the second time but it takes time to time test spacer settings.

    Again, I settled on the number 2 carrier. The next larger one was too finicky. It would work but had random leakage problems.

    I installed the shims and again settled on 3 shims that provided the best control close to the venting point without leakage during partial trigger pulls.

    Complete details will follow once I have access to a chrono. Done, see above in Emag section.

    Not one chopped ball yet in 500 rounds fired without a battery in my revy, although I have yet to use bad paint.

    One thing I have noticed is that you have to be a little more careful when you set your gun down. If you lean it on the barrel, it may leak a little air out the front.

    Level 10 rocks.
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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    about 1.5 hours between 2 days of trying different setups and velocities

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    minimag with retro VV00733 and hyperframe, dynaflow 68 4500


    I did not take any numbers down. And filled my tank many times so I donít have numbers. Seemed less efficient.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    0 chops 0 breaks after it was set up. One ball chopped el tigre with the smallest spring. When I was holding them to force a chop. After I moved to the medium cut spring it no longer broke paint with el tigre, slam, and marbilizer.

    -Any problems you encountered. I could not use the longest spring without the reg venting and same with the medium spring until I compressed it myself to break it in.

    I had one problem during the day of play. The bolt did not fire the ball but pushed it into the barrel like short stroking a cocker can do. I pulled the next ball out instead of shooting it because I was worried 3 might pile up in there and jam up my barrel

    I have more stuff to say in this link, which I separated because it may draw some discussion, which should not clutter this thread. I would like tom or someone for AGD to carefully consider the ideas and suggestions presented.

    Another day of play with hell fire today I decided to take out 1 ship putting me at 2 and I had no problems no breaks no chops we were shootign at 250fps though
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    In the back seat of your truck with duct tape stretched out..
    Installed my Lvl10 in 15 minutes using 1.5 carrier, 3 shims and longest spring. Let me tell you..this thing is VERY gentle.

    Automag 68 A.I.R. Valve MM body. 68/3k Flatline

    Slightly less than without lvl10. I get about 800 rounds out of a full 300 fill.

    Using Severe (crappy) two color... 1 bounce field paint. I used this saturday..and all I can say is... "Amazing!" There were times I knew I would have chopped if it weren't for this bolt kit. I could hear the gun hiss then the next pull pop out comes the ball. Never had two fir wat the same time though. It started to rain a little making the paint real sketchy..and it never once chopped. I showed it off to everyone at my field and most were like Holy SH&& I can't believe you're gonna stick yer finger in there. I was like..well this is a lvl10 not a standard lvl7 mag... then their mouths hit the ground when I fired repeatedly with my finger in the breach. I also jammed a ball half in the feed tube with the barrel twisted a little to hold it in place....let everyone fire it as many times as they wanted and it never chopped the ball. Even though it was kinda squishy from the moisture in the air due to the rain. All in all... love it. Gonna sell it every chance I get.

    Any problems encountered:

    I will have step by step pics up on my website of installation of LVL10. Tomorrow..
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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    Well, it took me about 40 mins (Yeah, i'm a bit slow) to get it working correctly. For some reason or another, I couldn't really get it to shoot higher than 270 fps, but that might have been my paint/bore match, and the fact that I'm using a boomstick (2pc); air would vent out back if turned up any higher.

    Used #2 carrier, 1 shim, and STD MainSpring <---- Weird. Someone explain to me?

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Mini-Mag, Classic Valve, Intelliframe, 68/3000 ACI Bulldog (Old Style), Warp Feed, Boomstick (std. Brrl ID: .688)


    DIdn't shoot enough to get good numbers.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    I was Just messing around @ my friend's place with 1 yr old Diablo Blaze. about 200 rnds, 0 chops, 0 breaks. I tried the paintball w/tape thing, and couldn't get it to chop. not expecially brittle paint, but good enough anyways.

    -Any problems you encountered

    Had a hard time setting it up. Couldn't get velocity over 270 fps, but probably because of very loose fit paint, and 2 pc barrel.

    For some reason or another, Using the standard (normal mag) main-spring worked best for me.

    -Other general comments

    Very Very nice. I like the lack of recoil that I experienced. Not a previous super-bolt I user, so I have nothing to complain about. I'll probably pick up another bag of paint, and tinker with it a bit more, perhaps use a longer spring. I ran out of air (2000 psi) after getting the thing to work, and shooting a hopper of paint. 'still a bit pissed about the lil' low velocity, but I'll have to deal with it.

    Paint wouldn't chop in it, however when I put my finger in the breech, I noticed that it kinda hurt when my finger was in the far side of the breech (away from the bolt). I think I wanna get it a bit slower.

    Tried the dollar trick, and it sorta worked.

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    Thumbs up love it

    ok the set up a minimag with the
    1.5 carrier and 2 shimms longest spring

    took me about an hour total to the time of firing paint through it

    fired about 50 shots through it due to lack of compressed air the shoots went through very cleanly didn't chop but in wierd angles it did pop out two balls (BETTER THAN PAINT IN THE BARREL LIKE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN) didn't get a chance to crono it but by looking at the ball speed and sound it sounded like a good fps.

    recomendations to knew buyers
    get the bolt i have an impulse and i was going to say bye to my mini but it is sooo hard now i might just have to have that as my back up gun and if i got the retro valve it would be a tough desicion on witch to use in tourneys.

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    1_BAD_TAZ Guest
    I finally got the auto response trigger working on my classic automag. This combined with the Level 10 is OMG seweet. My only issue now is that i need to get a better hopper since my current one can't keep up. That is not a hard problem to fix. I love this anti chop level 10.

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    Once in a while...

    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    This part was done for me. I just received a Lvl 10 kit to install into another Emag and will report results later.

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Shocktech SFL Emag with HALO B


    Roughly 580 effective shots from a 45/4500 PMI Pure Energy screw-in

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    0/0 RPS Marbs Advantage, RPS Evil pink

    -Any problems you encountered


    -Other general comments

    Once in a while, there comes a product that revolutionizes the way the game is played. Level 10 is definitely the latest.

    As one of the beta testers from the beginning of the Level 10 design, I experienced everything - good and bad. The Level 10 is the culmination of AGD's approach to creating the perfect marker. On one test run, two weeks prior to the release of the Level 10's to AO, I played 14 consecutive 10-man games without a single barrel break or chop while shooting some of the most fragile paint on the market - RPS Evil. Tournament play can present some of the most demanding situations in the way you have to shoot your gun. I never had an instance that it failed to shoot when I needed it most. Towards the end of practice I was able to shoot even when the battey had finally drained as well.

    I believe even the most fickle of gun owners will try and stay with an AGD marker with this modification in it.

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    From the second i tore open the box to where it was installed it took about 5 minutes. Took a time out to bring my gun to the pro shop so id have a unlimited source of air to work with. From that time to when i found the best combination was another 10 minutes. Right now im running 0 carrier, 2 shims, and the longest spring although i had 1.5 in there and it worked fine as well.

    -The type of gun you're using it on



    Seems about the same.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    0/0 about 350 balls using month old worr field paint that had been in my car and then sitting around in my pods at 20 bps. Then the pro shop guy used about 200 TC and fanned in semi.

    -Any problems you encountered

    Not really a problem, but with the smallest carrier i notice i have to jack the pressure up farther then my tank will let me to get 20bps F/A. However it will do 14-16 and whatever i can walk it just fine. I noticed once when i had it sitting for a couple minutes, it froze up, but once i degassed and reconnected it was fine. Small price to pay for using the tightest carrier.

    -Other general comments

    This thing is amazing! I did the finger thing, the tape on the ball thing with the bolt hitting the seam, and 20 bps with a warp and Halo-A and it didnt show any signs of breaking! Im definitely a satisfied customer!

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    Took me about an hour to install because I had to rig up some stuff do I could quickly disconnect my Flatline.


    I'm using an Emag.

    Efficiency was near what it was before, maybe a little less.

    Paint stuff

    I had one chop when I put a viewloader 200 on my warp. It was very sticky and humid outside. So I had 1/0 out of 700 of the Brittlest (sp?)most unconsistant paint I could get my hands on. That's right, Brass Eagle. The bounce test that I did was 0,0,2,2,9,9


    The way I had it would chop a ball every now and then when doing the tape thing with a paintball. One would take 30 pinces and the next would only take 2 or something like that. I would really like to know how to get this thing set as low as possible.


    I love how little kick there is. I think it would be great if you could buy or if it came with a little "oring carrier carrier" that would be nice.

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    Approximatly 10 minutes

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    .68 Automag Classic


    Un-noticable change

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    0, 3 month old Diablo Blaze (1-4 bounce)

    -Any problems you encountered


    -Other general comments

    I just put 140 rounds thru the ole' mag with absolutly no problems. I purposely tried to make the gun chop, it was impossible. The paint was 3-month old Diablo Blaze, it was quite brittle. The lvl 10 perfermed FLAWLESSLY! This has to be the best $65 I've ever spent on paintball. My friend just offered me $100 for it. But, its all mine .
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    How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    First try, around 25 minutes with medium spring. It didn't work properly with this setup though. When I played on it I couldn't shoot more then 270 and it would then drop off lower unless I upped the velocity. It would continue to drop. I readjusted it now, hopefully its all better.

    The type of gun you're using it on

    Retro Automag

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    Didn't chop on my first setup even though I had barrel breaks. That low price worr paint stinks =(.

    Any problems you encountered

    I don't know if it will shoot properly until I get the gun checked out tommorow at the chrono and then onto the field.
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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly
    It took me 20min. to setup and an hour or so to test and make changes. I'm currently using 1.5 carrier, middle spring, and one shim.

    -The type of gun you're using it on
    Retro minimag w/warp and itelliframe setup, dye aluminum barrel and nitroduck tuffskin 4500

    Little less than before but also had problems with the gun not cycling but the tank had plenty of pressure. I'll address this in other problems

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used
    500 shots, 0 breaks, 0 chops (and I really tried)

    -Any problems you encountered
    With the new setup the marker will loose pressure and not fire with over 1000psi (1100 to be exact) when I switched springs to the shortest I got maybe 15 more shots out of it and then it would not fire a ball.

    -Other general comments
    I'm going to do a search and try to find out why it quits cycling at 1000psi.
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    level 10

    i have clumsy angel fingers incapable of operating any mag more advanced than a classic mag with single trigger, and i was unable to chop any paint. when i test fired panzerr's level 10 RT last weekend the first 50 to 75 rounds run down it were 5 month old proball platinum which had been sitting in the hopper of one of my markers for a month. i was very impressed with the level 10
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    animal Guest
    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    Took me a a day and a half to finally get it working.... I ran out of air. It was probably about 40 minutes of actual work tho. I ended up going back to a #2 carrier and oiling the heck out of it to stop the leak that occured. I had bolt stick with a 1.5 carrier. I'm using the middle spring and 2 shims.

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Tequila Fade Emag


    I topped it off after every game so I'm not quite sure. Seemed the same tho.

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    I held a ball in front of the bolt to facilitate a chop, I got 5 bounces and then a break... not really a chop, it just broke the ball. It's actually kinda nice to have a breech break that you don't fire after. Easier to clean When I wasn't purposely trying to chop with it, I broke no balls at all. New and old diablo blaze.

    -Any problems you encountered

    The bolt stick was cured by going back to a #2 carrier. The only other problem I noticed was when I leaned my barrel on something, I'd get a slight leak. I just oiled the crap out of it again and it was fine.

    -Other general comments

    With a few understandable hiccups in setting it up, it was an awesome upgrade. It even SOUNDS cooler when u fire

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    Thumbs up level 10

    I shot a *EDIT* Please do not cuss here. I realize you are a new member, so this is just a warning. Army load of paint threw it today it broke one ball at the end of the barrel. I even use some old paint ive had in tubes from las vegas (hellfire) and it did well so far so good
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    I broke one!

    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    about 1 hr
    using 1.5 carrierand 3 shims

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    Std feed Automag w/ CO2


    About the same

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    1 break when I was trying to dupicate the video where Tom held the ball 1/2 way in the breach. It took 6 hits to break the ball
    **edit** the ball didn't explode like a normal chop, it just sorta got sliced open and some paint oozed out... a couple of dry shots cleaned it all out.

    500 rounds of marbs no breaks

    -Any problems you encountered

    Just took a bit of time messing around with the carriers.

    -Other general comments

    It worked like a charm. As I stated above, it took a bit of time to chop. I spent some time dropping a single ball into the feed tube and catching it with the bolt. Didn't chop at all. I heard to bolt go, stall and drop the ball back in. THANKS to Tom and all the people at AGD!
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    Post This is long but...

    As I was installing this on a Hypermag, I went about things differently. It took me a total of about an hour to get to the point Iím at now.
    Gun: Retro valve PFHL mag. I took the Hyperframe off to remove it as a variable and put the stock single trigger frame back on. Nitroduck 4500-psi mini- reg supplied the air.
    Input: 900 psi
    Spacer: 1.5 (I used the long startup directions and got the best fit with this)
    Shims: 2
    Spring: Stock
    Velocity/consistency: ? (will test when I have access to a chrono and paint. I was going to sit at a bench at the local store and install it there with access to both, but I ended up being the Charge of Quarters at the barracks that night!)
    Results: Stopped on the squeegee but marred the surface of it. I tried the Dollar bill trick (like the Video) it failed. It folded the bill into the Barrel! Iím not putting my finger in there!
    Conclusion: Need a stronger/longer spring

    Change #1
    Put the Medium (cut) spring in. Seemed to stop softer on the squeegee but still failed the dollar bill test. I also remembered that the bolt would only stop at the back half of the breech. Any further foreword than that and the bolt would fully fire. I understand this to be correct operation, as a ball that is half in the feed hole will engage the bolt before the halfway point. (Does that make sense?) I still would not trust my finger in there so I...

    Change #2
    Put in the Long/heavy spring. I had to turn the Velocity up to get it to fire right. I think if I had a chrono available that the gun would have shot hot. I decided to leave this spring in as I was curious if it would effect the operation of the Hyperframe when I put it back on. If it worked, but the velocity was too high, I could always put in a weaker spring and know it too, would work. Soooo....

    Change #3
    I installed the Hyperframe. I decided to check the bolt for wear at this time as I wanted to see the bolt before I put the HF on. I have heard of HF wearing bolts, but I have not had this problem. I noticed some metal filings come off of the sear lock up part of the bolt. I assume/hope this is normal during break in. I set the service mode(How much juice goes to the solenoid) to 7(stock setting) and attempted to fire. No fire. Turned Velocity up. No fire. Then I turned the velocity down in hopes it might not be firing due to the pressure on the on/of pin. ( Does the Retro valve lower the input pressure down before or after the air gets to the on/off?) No fire. I increased the service mode to 8, no fire. Then 9, no fire.

    Change #4
    Reset the Service mode to 7 and installed the Medium spring. It would fire intermittently. Turned the input pressure up and it did not improve things. Then down, nothing. Incrementally increased the Service mode and no improvement.

    Change #5
    Reset the Service mode to 7 and installed the small spring. Works great, but I donít know how hard it hits until I get some paint. O.K. call me a coward, I canít bring myself to put my finger in there...yet.

    So in the end I get:
    1.5 Spacer
    2 shims
    Small spring
    900psi input
    HF Service 7
    Stock retro on/off pin
    And untested velocity.
    I will give an update next weekend when I get paint and a Chrono!

    (Side note- I read the post about the leftover pressure in the line so I installed a slide check between the valve and the reg. I averaged about 400psi left in the line after the mag would stop working. The slide check removed this with no problem. The foamie also blew off during testing.)
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    The gun is 1/8" of a game that is a FOOT long!
    (...but a 'mag helps)
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    my lvl10 came in not too long ago, and i installed ti but havnt got the chance to test it(I will edit this post when i do) but i noticed when i am pulling the bolt out, about halfway up, i can feel it catch on something. Is this normal, or did i do something wrong?

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    -How long it took you to get it installed and what your configuration was to get it working properly

    it took me about probably half an hour to guess on the right carrier i think i m using the 1.5 carrier and one shim also i have an original bolt spring in it

    -The type of gun you're using it on

    automag with serial number of 00147


    we didnt really think about that we got about 600 shots out of a tank that had only 2500 psi in it it was a 48ci tank

    -Number of breaks/chops and type of paint used

    uuuhhhhh *drools* ZERO breaks with using a tough nelsplat paint bought at mills fleet farm when i bounce tested the paint at 6 ft i was gettin like more than 10 bounces so i was like screw this and stopped so i dont know how brittle the paint was i did the electrical tape trick and it didnt chop

    -Any problems you encountered

    guessing what carrier to use was hard because a couple of the other ones would just make it leak out the barrel or if i screwed in the velocity untill i could fire it and it would leak out the velocity screw so i dont know what was up there

    -Other general comments

    when i put back in my normal bolt and power tube setup it would fire twice when i pulled the trigger once i dont knwo what that means

    i also dont have a chronograph so i just guessed at the velocity so i dont knwo whatever about that

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    Type of gun: micromag with smartmag valve

    time to install initially: 1 hour (had a time choosing the right carrier until I found some new posts.)

    time to tune: 3 days and it's still not right

    shots / breaks: 2000 / 1 in the barrel (i loved it)

    setup: carrier 1.5, no shims, stock spring

    problems: even with my shortest spring, I have to turn the velocity up to the point that it vents intermittently and getting down to 250fps is impossible. 285 fps is almost two full turns out when I fall back to the original parts. If I turn the regulator down to the point of not venting, the valve won't cycle. I played a couple of hours (5) with it venting lightly and loved it. The trade off, reliable chopper or unreliable non chopper.

    Any suggestions are welcome, just p.m. me.
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    Call our tech line we probably have to send you a new reg piston.


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