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Thread: AO Day II: Lvl-10 Bust-Out Party (NJ/NY/PA)

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    Thumbs up AO Day II: Lvl-10 Bust-Out Party (NJ/NY/PA)

    (Thanks to Thordic for writing this up)

    0 Days Left!


    That's right, coming soon, as promised, is the OFFICIAL AGD Level 10 Release Party in Northern New Jersey! Sponsored by Airgun Designs, Paintballistix, Kickin' Paintballs, Richochet Development LLC(the makers of Richochet loaders), PowerLyte Paintball Game Products, JT USA Paintball, and Planet Eclipse. This event will take place on July 13th, 2002 at PBX Battlegroundz , a new field owned and operated by Mel Maravilla of Paintballistix, the well-known pro shop in Jersey City, NJ.

    Details are as follows:

    Paint Prices :
    Thanks to our sponsors Kickin' Paintballs, and Paintballistix, paint for this event is VERY affordable. Field paint will be available for $48 a case, while a higher-grade tournament paint will be available for $65 a case. These numbers are the upper limit of the cost, prices may actually decrease between now and the time of the event. (Note: These are special lowered Level 10 Release Party Prices and do not reflect standard pricing at PBX Battlegroundz) All MAJOR credit cards will be accepted.

    Field Pass / HPA / CO2 / Rentals Pricing/Availability :
    The cost to play at this event is Five Dollars! This is simply to help PBX cover the cost of insurance and cleanup. HPA fills will be free all day to pre-registered AO members. If you send Riotz a Private Message between now and the time of the event stating that you are pre-registering for the Level 10 Release Party, he can add you to the free air list to be given to Mel. Non-preregistered players can purchase an air pass for $5. See the bottom of this post for more information on pre-registration. CO2 will be available, pricing is yet to be determined, CO2 refill prices will nominal (just to cover costs). Rentals will NOT be available at this time. If you know someone who wants to come but doesn't have a gun or if you have a gun you would like to lend, post here so we can find one to lend them.

    Field Location :
    PBX Battlegroundz is located in Sussex, NJ. Directions to the field can be obtained here.Sussex is only 60 miles from New York City, in Northern New Jersey.

    Available Lodging :
    There are many hotels close to the event. Sussex Motel (973-875-4191) is 3 miles away, and rooms are $65+ tax per night for a 4 person
    room. Something I noticed is a lot of 'hotels' you find on the 'Net in the area are actually boarding houses, if I find any other real hotels/motels I'll post their information as well. Also, camping on site MAY be available, but at this point it is not certain if there will be room.

    Special Guests :
    What would an event be without special guests? The first guest is AO's very own CaPoEiRa! As some of you may know, Clare (Capoeira) is now the AGD spokesmodel. AGD is shipping her by overnight FedEx up for the event! Jon Comprado, everyone's favorite AGD tech will also be there, with bells on! (I'll even supply the bells! ) Another great pair of guests is Bill and Dawn Mills, operators of WARPIG and PIGtv, who should be stopping in to make an appearance. The famous Tunaman will also be there, playing all day. We are also trying to get Paintball2Extremes magazine to send someone out to cover the event. Also, Cphilip himself, AO's most venerable moderator, edited July 10th...He will be there! Paintballistix is also working on asking other special guests if they can attend. If we get any more news on guests, it will be posted. And of course, the guest of honor, AGD's Level 10 Upgrade will be present!

    Level 10 Information:
    The Level 10 Upgrade will be demonstrated by Jon Comprado at this event. There will be also be Level 10 Upgrade Kits available for sale from Paintballistix! I'm sure Jon has tons of stuff in mind to wow us with when he gives the demonstration.

    Food and Drink :
    At this time, Black Cell is once again planning to sponsor a BBQ, providing hamburgers and hot dogs for everyone on Saturday night. If the event grows to immense proportions, we may ask for some small donations to cover the costs depending on the volume of players we need to feed. The event is BYOB, if you want anything to drink, feel free to bring it to enjoy on Saturday night at the BBQ.

    BYOB RULES: (bring your own beer)
    1. YOU MUST BE OVER 21 to drink
    2. YOU MUST BE OVER 21 to drink
    3. No drinking until your gun is retired. If you have a beer in your hand, your gun better be de-gassed and put away.
    4. No one gets drunk. This isn't a frat party, its an AO get together. Be mature, and represent yourselves as intelligent adults.

    (If it becomes a problem, NO alcohol will be allowed. Sorry)

    Types of Games :
    At this point, it is totally dependant upon how many people show up, and what types of games they want to play. If we see enough people willing to come out and party with us, we could work up some big-game aspects (150+ players or so). Right now, we have Sup Air, Hyperball, and woods fields that will handle two teams of 30. There will be mini-tournaments throughout the day for those interested. Prizes will be awarded and a small entry fee. Mags only. Prizes and prices will be announced. We will start the day sometime around 9 AM. Rain or Shine

    Prizes / Giveaways:
    At this time, there will be giveaways of Richochet Loaders and a variety of PowerLyte products at the end of the day. JT USA has donated some Proteus masks and Planet Eclipse has donated some Jackel packs to be given away. Shartley has graciously donated 2 AO signature images and a set of Custom Carved 45 Grips for this event. The grips and the images will be awarded the day of the event, the signature images will be made afterwards. I also heard there will be some Nija stickers there... More prizes may be announced, so stay tuned!

    We'd like to take a moment to once again thank our sponsors, AGD, Paintballistix, Kickin' Paintballs, Ennis Rushton of Richochet Development, LLC, Paul Fernandez of Powerlyte Paintball Game Products, JT USA and Planet Eclipse! It's because of their generosity that we can have amazing events like this.

    If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or email Thordic or Riotz. Remember to pre-register so we know how much food to bring and who gets free air passes!

    Pre-registration Information:
    We STRONGLY encourage you to pre-register for this event. Not only will pre-registration get you a free air pass, but it allows us to plan ahead for food for the BBQ and other things. To pre-register, please do the following:

    Send Riotz a Private Message or Email confirming your attendance, and list your AO Nickname, your Real Name, your E-Mail address, and the number of guests you will be bringing with you (Please have them register on AO), if any. Once you pre-register, please post here saying you are signed up so everyone can see how many people are showing up!

    List of Confirmed Attendees:

    cphilip (+1 guest)
    Tuna Jr
    Riotz (+1 guest)
    Surfer349 (+2 guests)
    Wc Keep
    Patron God of Pirates (+1 guest)
    Blazingace (+1 guests)
    PsychoMag (+5 guests)
    Mild 7 (+11 guests)
    FreshmanBob (+1 guest)
    845 (+2 guests)
    Fatman (+1 guest)
    Rahman (+2 guests)
    SSJ4_Goku (+1 guest)
    JEDI (+4 guests)
    SHAG (+1 guest)
    Bigzamboni (+2 guests)
    ThunderCock (+1 guest)
    chomp141 (+2 guests)
    ogre55 (+4 guests)
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