Warning signs when dealing with online traders:

1. they say 'i'll tell you when it ships' ... but don't.
2. you ask to get it insured , but when they say they've shipped it, have no package # or tracking info...
3. they haven't got tracking information
4. they are supposedly a fulltime business but never answer your emails in a timely fashion.
5. someone else posts about a product they bought from the same seller - since you bought yours - that was 'backordered' and you still haven't got yours.

I'm currently going through this for an item I paid for via paypal 6 weeks go, and still no sign of it, although it was apparently shipped 11 business days ago. As i'm dealing with someone who appears to be a reputable, well respected dealer, I'm not going to post bad feedback, yet, but folks, if any of these happen to you, be very careful. I'm out over $500 USD , by all appearances....