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Thread: Thanks Tom

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    Thanks Tom

    Tom, Just thought I'd take a minute to thank you for always providing excellent customer service. I have spoken with your staff on many occasions and have never had a bad experience. I have played paintball since 1986 and have dealt with many companies. No one in all those years has provided the service that AGD does. I remember seeing the Automag come out and knew the guy that had Mini Mag #MM00001. I've owned many Mags over the years and currently have two Emags (well actually I had one but my wife used it once and took it so I had to buy another one). Anyway you are a class act and we appreciate it. Below you will see my EMag EM00033 (that is if the attachment makes it). It is fantastic and I'm waiting to put the level 10 Mod on it to see if it is actually possible to make a perfect Marker better.

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    I'm with him 1000000%. Tom, you and AGD all together are AWESOME. I have never had ANY bad experiences with ya'll. You have top of the line equipment and ad your about to make it better. I believe one reason us mag owners wont own another gun is because of ya'll. you put your hardest work into it, until its PERFECT, then you test summore. I mean, AGD is the greatest company I know of and is int he lead with my respect BY FAR from any other company or group. my gratitude goes for more farhter then these words can comprehind amnd just want you to know that I'm a magger for life
    Black Warp Left E-mag #EM00163
    emagnum board
    14in freak
    12v smoke warp w/ interlink
    drilled 12v revy w/ JMJ impeller and WAS turbo rev board
    shocktech drop
    AGD flatline dovetail adaptor
    68 3000 flatline

    ***soon to be***
    emagnum body rail
    black powder coat
    custom grips from Frymarker

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