paintball markers are getting to the point where they are starting to surpass the speed a player can pull the trigger, and shoot more paint than a player can reasonably carry durring a game.

i think that paintballs next area for inprovement is custimization and tactile feedback. for example the autococker back block (everyone loves the backblock). with the new rush of electronic markers right now, many manufactures just throw in switches. technically there is no problem with this as far as the numbers game goes (accuracy, shootdown, consistancy, # of chops, shots per second, inability to short stroke). tactile feedback is why many do not like the electronic markers.

i would say that if you took an emag and...
/me resists urge to tell tom to attach a big moving chunk of aluminum to the back of an emag
1) added controlls that could be reached by the thumb while holding the grip frame to choose different menu options. it would be desireable if these had a clicking noise, or a detente in them for feedback.

2) i have always liked status LEDs, green when on, red while firing or something.

3) move to a standard 45 frame, this lets users allow for more custimising to preference, and with a potential add on, it would appeal to retailers.

4) the new modular emag has a good amount of metal to be milled off and presents quite an opritunity to have many milled patters for the unique look like the autococker does. if you were to create a user configuration utility for the body, a body editor, a 3d body viewer, simulation of finishes, and that would generate the necessary tooling files, all you would have to do is throw it off on the cnc mill, and send it off to pk selective or another finisher (*cough* /me inserts $$$ referal bonus )

5) allow for repositioning of the battery forward and back to act like a ballance counterweight, have a rail under the barrel, to mount accessories on, like chronographs, flashlights for senario players, different grips, maby even tanks......

6) the agd hose is more suseptible to kinking than the pro team warp hose, why not one up them and come out with a hardline warp hose, and get rid of the problem of taking a hit in your warp hose.

7) the aluminum battery cover serves as a front grip right now, why not add a little more meat to it so that people can mill it to prefrence, finger groves, deep checkering...

8) have a pop open breach on the emag, barrel breaks will still be a minor problem with the lvl 10 as well as with other paintball markers. this would allow you to sell quick clean rounds, a biodegradable one time squiegie that you could breech load, and clean out the barrel with quickly.

if all of that fails, you can always attach a large moving block of aluminum to the back of the emag and go for the "zen paintball" croud that likes to watch the back block, or give the emag a ambiguous name with sexual references