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Thread: AHH! level 10 shipping confirmation?

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    Question AHH! level 10 shipping confirmation?

    OK, this might have been posted already and I tried doing a search but the results were overwhelming so I decided to ask and maybe get a straight out answer.

    This is about shipping and level 10 so I hope i dont get flamed for this one.

    Are we ALL going to get an email or phone confirmation about when our level 10 has been shipped or will i just have to wait it out and hope its on its way?

    I have researched this one though and i have noticed that many member have recieved confirmation that theirs was shipped already.

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    i dont kno about everyone else, but i just got confirmation last night. it should com,e to everyone and it should come with your ups tracking number

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    I got one too. Just be patient, I called to add to my order and they said it was very hectic around there they were putting the kits together as fast as they came in and could be checked.
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    someone said that all ppl wont get a confirmation but it will be shipped
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    did u order online or by phone cause i think you only get email confermation if you oreder online

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    You'll get comfirmation as long as AGD has your email address. Some people may not as things are going very hectic at AGD right now. Check the post from AGD-Office-Girl called RE:LVL10 Shipping Dates.

    I'm nervois too as I was charged via online store last sunday... no email.. card was charged.. and still no LVL10.. no big deal..I'll wait another 7-10 days..if I don't see anything by then.I'll call and ask..even though they said not to. 3 weeks is plenty of time i'd think.

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    i orderd June 16th(the first day) and they shipped it yesterday so im thinkin you will have it in a little less than 3 weeks.

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    3 WEEKS!? I better start looking for something to do in the mean time...
    PS- i ordered on the second day and got a confirmation that it was payed for but not that it was shipped

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