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Thread: Idea for a Mag I wanna make

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    Idea for a Mag I wanna make

    Ok then, here's the link with the basic info (look here first:

    Note: I haven't had time to make the little revisions on the page itself, but some have been made to the concept of the mag I want.

    -I finally realize that you can't mount a Female Stabilizer on the back of a mag, so now the idea is to run an angled back bottle ASA (probably from AGD or maybe a stock tippmann ASA) and a Sideline Stabilizer. (Try to remember this mag is probably going to be run exclusively on 12 gram CO2. I don't know if getting a Stab is jsut redundant or necessary)

    -The 12 Gram quick changer might be replaced with this one

    Link to site:
    Second one from the top
    This one can hae a gauge slapped on it. Still debating on it.

    -I might slap in a filter somewhere to keep out particles from the CO2. Don't know if it'll help or if it's even possible.

    -Is it at all possible to attach an elbow onto a warpfeed body? If so then I'll probably get myself a warp feed and use that with a 90 degree elbow.

    -I'm gonna want this to be holsterable, so I'm thinking of just buying a cheap holster and then cutting a bit of the top part so that the loaders can fit and maybe attaching a strap onto it so that it goes around the back of the grip, holding it in place when I'm running around the bush. (Any ideas?)

    Yes I realize that it is no Sydarm (forget pulling strings, I'd have to yank all the seams just to get my hands on one of those) but it is a pistol type. It'd be the perfect suppliment for my Phantom and a perfect backup incase for some God forsaken reason my Phantom ever goes down. (Just need to slap on a gas though stock, run a little HPA with remote and find myself a bulk loader, and VOILA! Instand Primary Mag)

    Note: What sorta size drill would I need to punch out the holes on the body rail for the back bottle ASA?? I know those hols come standard on the lvl 6 body rail, but I don't know about the lvl 7. I dont think so thogh...

    Thoughts?? Comments?? Questions?? Flames???
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    I say go for it!!! That would be kinda sweet to have as like a back up, or a stock class.
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    Just looking at the pic, you'll have to put a spring in your feedtubes or they wont feed, you're keeping it semi right?. Unless you plan on rocking it everytime. Not sure if you mentioned it.

    I remember someone asked if you could make a SC Mag and TK said the balls won't stay put once they get fed into the breech. They might fly back out.

    But if your using a Warp i guess you'll be OK.

    If you do get that thing made up, i might send you one of my Mags to get hacked up
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