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Thread: Level 10 "carriers that worked" list thread

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    Leaving out the 0 carrier is a bad idea. In my case the only setup that worked for me right out of the package was

    .5 carrier (leaked after use) went to the 0 carrier
    2 shims
    and short spring

    I need a new piston to get the other springs to actually work, but the setup now i can't chop a ball with anyway so whatever
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    Yeah, I started with the 1.0 carrier with 3 shims and medium spring and after about 3 cases or so it started to leak so I had to drop down to the .5 carrier and have put about a case worth of shots through that. Yeah so the 0 carrier is a good to still have for the few of us that may acctually need them. I totally agreee that they need to include a few more shims just incase some get screwed up.
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    My friend uses the 0 carrier(.5 leaks badly) and 1 shim.

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    2.0 carrier
    2 shim's
    long spring
    on my E-Mag I have'nt had to change
    anything since IAO.
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    1.5 on one,
    .5 on one,
    2 on one and
    0 on one.
    (still waiting to receive and install teh xvalve to find out on that one)

    middle spring and 2 shimms on them all.
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    dave_p Guest
    finally had a chance to get the sucker in.

    1.5 carrier
    2 shims
    medium spring
    no leaks, fires good
    installation was a breeze, almost too easy compared to the 700 or so posts i perused in the problem thread(the advantages of letting a technology mature as opposed to early adoption)but bravo to all those who paved the way and made this thing possible.
    between this and the iframe im going to wet myself!

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    i am currently using the cut spring, 1.0 carrier, and 3 shims to get ~260fps(field limit) chop-free

    i actually get really consistent velocity: +/- 1 fps... on friday i put 6 shots over the chrono

    251 252 252 253 252 251 (<== FPS)

    that was with my 9" felon and all the regular stuff i have on my mag... god do i love it
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    I was running with a 1.5 with 2 shims yesterday, but it still had enough force to push my hand away when I had a stick squeege near the bolt so I could see half breech and half stick. So I rolled up a piece of printer paper, didn't like the results I got. Dropped in another shim, waiting for my steel braided line and vert air adapter to test it out now. By the way, anyone know where to oil the XValve? I'm so confused! I know I'm supposed to oil the valve everytime I use it, but I can't remember where it told me to use the oil.

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    1.5 for me. most of the people ive talked to used a 1.5 or less. everything else leaks

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