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Thread: Need a pic

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    Need a pic

    hey everyone i know there are threds out there with what i want but i looked an hour for the thred and couldnt find it.. i need to see a pic of eother an E-mag Rt-pro with either a CP barrel or old all amircan
    Ace'd Emag (sold)
    Xmag (sold)

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    give me till tomorrow and I can have one with a CP on it
    Black Warp Left E-mag #EM00163
    emagnum board
    14in freak
    12v smoke warp w/ interlink
    drilled 12v revy w/ JMJ impeller and WAS turbo rev board
    shocktech drop
    AGD flatline dovetail adaptor
    68 3000 flatline

    ***soon to be***
    emagnum body rail
    black powder coat
    custom grips from Frymarker

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