Ok, I got my level 10 the other day and I've had a bit of an experience installing it.

I have an older valve with an old school AGD tourney lock and finally after playing with carriers and breaking in orings, it looks like the 1.5 works. (I sense a pattern here)

I'm also using three shims, although I think I might experiment with 4.

Here's my problem though.
Using the shortest spring I need to screw my velocity nut almost all the way in for the bolt to cycle.
If I try moving up to the next spring, nothing happens at all when I pull the trigger.

I called the AGD tech line and Jon thinks that I may need a new spring pack. They're not supposed to wear out, but he's the one of the techiest techs there is so I went ahead and spent the 12 bucks to order one from Joann.

Hopefully it works. With the short spring the bolt will stop on a dowel or squeegee, but just from looking at it, I'm not sure if I want to stick my finger in there. When the new spring pack comes in (don't have anything to test it with except maybe a flatline spring pack) I'll try again.