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Thread: The (Un)official Clare Fan Club Thread!

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    Smile The (Un)official Capo Fan Club Thread!

    This is the (Un)official Capo Fan Club Thread!

    This thread was started by FatMan after much encouragement from many of the AO regulars who think Capo is a great gal and deserves her own fan club since she's the OFFICIAL SPOKESMODEL of AGD! More on that later! We don't know if Capo will actually visit this thread or post in it, but we're hoping! We've dug up all of the interesting stuff about Capo and put it here. If you find out anything that needs to be added, just post it! We'll post pics of Capo here whenever we get new ones - but you won't find any Capo in a thong pics here - sorry! If you find any of those, just PM them to FatMan and he'll take care of them!

    Next, there is the issue of becomming an official member of the (Un)official Capo Fan Club. To do that, you have to post in this thread and ask FatMan to make you a member. Then's he'll add you name to the list in the official member posting. Then you'll be eligible for all kinds of wonderful benefits. Right now the benefit is being able to get your pciture taken with Capo whenever you meet her and have a camera available. But that's not all, you'll have a place you can post it to show everyone your smiling mug with Capo!

    Finally, the question is: are we crazy? Of course! But we're having a good time!

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