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Thread: ULT or lvl x

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    ULT or lvl x

    Dropped in one of my back up valve assemblies and I get a slow leak down the barrel. Don't know where to start first. It's got a level 10 and the ult. Anyone has a link to the ult tuning guide? I tried searching but it just turned up a lot of other posts. Anyone have an idea where to start? It's been awhile since I gassed up my mags so i forgot all I knew

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    If you hold the trigger and leak stops, it's the powertube oring.

    If you hold the trigger and leak continues, it's the on/off.

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    Excellent, I'll give that a shot today. Thank you!

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    So when I pulled the trigger and held it, the leak stopped. So I tried changing out the oring. Don't have a spare so I take the tip off my other WORKING level 10 and it still leaks. Tried changing out the carrier for same size spare I have even worse leak. On a whim, I take the ULT out of the valve assembly and put it in my other working x valve assembly. Works great obviously since it's a working level 10. I'm gonna have to work on the leaking one later, only have <2000 psi to work with and I'm playing tomorrow.

    New problem. I'm down to one shim in the ULT and feel like I'm still getting bounce. I'm using a crossfire tank so output is around 850 psi IIRC. Is it ok the run with no shims? Love the light trigger pull but want zero bounce...
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    If the ult works well with 1 shim then its fine to use that way. Increasing the number of shims reduces the distance the sear needs to move after the on-off closes before it can release the bolt. Thats all.

    The leak in your powertube has nothing to do with the powertube tip. The leak is due to the carrier oring. If you have shims installed remove them. That alone might make the leak go away. The oring might not be bad. It may just be broken in causing a loose fit. Use the same white carrier oring and install the next tighter carrier size.
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