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Thread: Cold weather

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    Cold weather

    How do mags perform in cold weather? Here in MN we occasionally play in the snow. I've just recently gotten bit by the mag bug. So I'm wondering how it will perform in 20-30 degrees.

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    my mags have run fine downto zero degrees. I usually just make sure I run some oil through it the night before.

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    It should perform fine... assuming you are using compressed air...

    Are you using compressed air or CO2?

    I used to run a mag on CO2 in the late 90's (and while I am in Texas, in the mornings it would/could be 20-30 degrees at the field)... and my mag ran fine...

    If I was running on-gun CO2 I would have a 20 Oz anti siphon bottle with an expansion chamber and a few feet of steel braid coiled around the feedneck... I would also run an expansion chamber with a remote and I had no problems with that either (regular bottle with the remote... no anti siphon). The idea is that the expansion chamber and remote/steel braid gave the gas plenty of room to expand before getting to the gun.

    If you are on compressed air you should have no problems whatsoever (air doesn't liquefy under those pressures).

    Let me know if you have questions.


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    With compressed air I've never had an issue down in to single digit territory. Using co2 on the other hand...... I never had luck with it below 70. even with an expansion chamber and anti siphon on a 20oz tank. Henc the switch to compressed air in the 90s.

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    C02 gave me problems when it got down into the 50s on my Mags. I have been using HPA now for several years.

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    Cool. Thanks guys. My field hasn't even had co2 for many years. Hpa is always the way to go. I'm running a stock Centerfire valve, ule body, with a carbon fiber grip. Previous owner sold it cheap. Internals weren't even assembled correctly and all orings were orange and brittle. No wonder he didn't like it.

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