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After sifting though all the posts I still didn't find the exact help I was looking for. So I bought this LvL 10 bolt for my classic rt. It has the (.5/.316) carrier in it. The o-ring is well broke in now. The next size carrier (1/.318) will have a slight leak. I can do 3 shimes. The 4th will leak. The longest spring with the kit shots at 299fps plus. So I dropped to the middle spring that was supplied with the kit. Now it is shoooting reliably at 280/290fps. Everything is ok, but it still hits with some force. I did the dollar test like in the video and it will shove it right into the barrel pretty hard! So I tried putting a smaller carrier (0/.314)w/ the broke in o-ring in to put more drag on the bolt. I had to turn the velocity nut up a bit to compensate with no luck with the buck test. I've replaced the regulator piston w/the springs, the on/off valve pin and the o-rings in the valve thus far. Now if the field gets some less fragile paint like they say, it will most likely be fine. Before the level 10 a couple hundred breaks out of a case and now under a hundred. Still not the best, but I'm getting there. Any suggestions to improve this situation is appreciated. Thanks
I have the middle spring in and have the smallest carrier. I have also gone to no shimms and has been alot lighter on paint. i have had no breaks in 2 cases of paint so far. it got lighter on the paint when i went from 2 shims to 0 shims.