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After reading through the entire level 10 thread (41 pages), I found no one with this same problem-so I thought it necessitated a post. I have a minimag with a male stab reg, gas thru stock, remote, and 20 oz Co2. Level 10 works great for like 50 shots +/- 3 fps, beautiful but then the bolt stops fully cycling... kinda like when I degas the remote and fire until not enough gas is left in the lines for a full cycle. Have tried every possible combo of spring/carrier/shim it always happens. Was wondering what you guys thought? I think that it might have to do with the tank chilling but the stab shows consistent pressure and the gun reg isnt noticeably cold so liquid isnt jacking with my gun... just ran out of ideas.
First, you need to determine if the problem is indeed bolt stick. When the gun stops firing, is the bolt staying forward? Can it be reset manually? If it is bolt stick, then you need to use the next larger carrier.

Another possibility is a leak in the on-off top. It could be an intermittent leak which is why it is hard to notice. A leak here would prevent the bolt from resetting properly. It is possible that CO2 could exaggerate a flaw in the teflon on-off top o-ring while firing.

Another possibility is a bad regulator seat o-ring. It could be making the regulator pin stick and preventing the gas from flowing into the front part of the valve.