Well more likely to be for athomas as he seems to be pretty active on the tech forum.

I've got an X-mag with usual lvl10 kit and abbadon air system @ 4.5k

Taking my mag out, attaching the bottle and turning the reg up to 800 psi I felt the usual click as the trigger engages due to the gas. No problem. However with everything set as normal one single trigger pull would make the valve cycle some 4 or 5 times. If it turned down the input pressure then the bolt would stick open and the valve would sit there happily leaking air.

Can't be too hard to fix I thought, so armed with the relevant exploded pictures of all the parts I took the bolt/valve assembly apart inspected everything for wear and with a little lube popped it all back together. Now in the course of this I noticed that there were no shims behind the carrier and in front of the delrin backing o-ring.

Anyway I popped it all back together and it works fine, cycling once per trigger pull. Now my query is exactly how did I fix this? I had previously lubed everything that requires it and shot some oil drops through the valve so the re-lubing shouldn't have done anything new.
My worry is that at some random point, possibly mid-game, it will start thumping out more than one ball per trigger pull or just fire slowly due to the lvl10 venting to prevent balls chopping.

Does the lack of shims make any difference to the setup? I don't believe it should, if it works with none, then I thought that was fine.

Hmmm, I hope this makes sense....all help/thoughts/comments gratefullt recieved.