X-valve RT-Pro

I've noticed a few times while changing carriers, movement and a gap between the powertube end piece and the middle section of the valve body. I've noticed a small leak I believe is coming from there, as well.

Second (and possibly related), I've been seeing very wild problems with consistency. At the last few tournaments, I've had to make big adjustments to the velocity over the course of a day. I'll adjust it to ~290 then when I come back for the next game, it'll be shooting around 340, (adjust back down to 290) then come back again and be down around 250 (if it even fires) What could be happening here? My input reg is a Centerflag Dynaflow, set to about 900psi (but even it varies 200-300psi) I oil the marker regularly with KC-Troublefree blue. Come to think of it, will TOO MUCH oil give problems with the X-valve/lvl10?