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Alright, so here it is: I bought a lvl 10 kit from a friend (it was still fresh-new) but it doesn't work. I have put in all the necissary parts but it happends **** when I pull the trigger. I feel a resistence in the trigger but it won't fire. If I turn up the velocity it gets harder but it refuses to fire. It fired once, with one of the longer springs and the velocity at max, but then the regulator ****ed away and the started to flow out of every hole on the marker.

So, what is the problem? how do I solve it? or should I just get something more simple that I can't break, like a Angel?

(By the way, I'm so sorry for my bad English.)
It sounds like you are probably getting bolt stick due to your carrier being too tight.

Properly size the carrier first. The carrier and oring should slide onto the bolt stem without much resistance, but should not slide on its own when held in a vertical position. Don't use shims when first tuning your level 10. That way you will know that any leaks are caused by the carrier rather than too many shims.

Use the shortest bolt spring first. That way you will be able to make sure the gun will actually fire, even if the carrier is a little too tight. The shorter bolt spring is a little more forgiving. Once you have the tuning of the carrier size done, you can go to a longer bolt spring and fine tune the operation knowing that it does work.