Have an RT Pro with Level 10 bolt. Bought the marker new around 01 and put the level 10 in late 03 I believe. Never had any problems with the marker and thought was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Unfortunatley I had to put the marker into storage first part of 04. Everything was perfectly upkept oiled and taken care of, even before put into storage. Finally got a chance to get back into paintball this week so I recovered my RT pro did a basic wipe down and re-oil. DID NOT TAKE THE VALVE APART AT THIS POINT!!! First time I aired up the system and pulled the trigger marker went full auto on me. Since that time I've tried every spacer, every shim, every spring, and every combination thereof that I could think of. Even put he original level 7 back on the valve. Changed every o-ring in the valve. But still all I get is air down the barrel or ocassional full auto without even touching the trigger. I appreciate any help any one can give me.