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is it unusual to switch to the smallest carrier? By smallest i mean the smallest carrier you are given.

Also can you outshoot the mag? I had some paintballs get shot so fast that i had some kind of drop out. I broke some paint but looked in the breech and nothing. In fact the barrel was clean up until the tip.

So those are some questions i wanted cleared up. Also i'm not sure if my level 10 is tuned right still. I've tried the paper trick and the paintball on tape trick but none proved my theory.

The only reason im on the smallest is because after i shot a hopper or so through my tac-one the gun started slightly leaking from the barrel.

(this tac one is fairly new. only 2 cases through it)
If the valve develops a leak out the front and removing a shim doesn't help, then definately drop a carrier size. You should be fine. If you start getting bolt stick, change orings and retune.

If your mag is working properly, you can't outshoot it. Your fingers aren't fast enough. If you get a ball barely rolling out the barrel, then you have some part of the cycle that did not function properly. Also, your detents could be allowing paint to roll farther down you barrel so that it doesn't accelerate properly.

Broken paint in the barrel but not in the breach or feed tube is generally one of two things. It could be bad paint or your barrel is too tight for the paint you are using.

If you want to get a feel for how hard the bolt is hitting, put a squeegie against the bolt face and fire the gun.