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I just installed the LVL 10 on my Classic 68 after replacing the Piston assembly. I put it back together, gassed it up. I have no leaks, the bolt "clicks" under the pressure, I can feel the air against the trigger. However when I pull the trigger nothing happens.

Any thoughts?

EDIT: Ok I cranked up the velocity ALOT to where the screw is 1 turn from being all the way in. However there is a very slight leak out the back. It can't be the regulator piston assembly can it? That is brand new.

Also I did the squeegee test and it only seemed to work when there was significant pressure to push against the bolt. I don't think a fragile ball will stop the bolt. Am I just paranoid here or should it be fairly easy to stop the bolt after this installation?

So I have been able to fix the leak. I switched out the spring to a smaller one and the leak is gone. Yet another problem seems to have arisen however. The bolt fires fine when I don't have a hopper on the marker or any balls being fed. However, now when I feed ANY balls into the marker the bolt stops and fents as if it is anti-chopping. It will keep doing this trigger pull after trigger pull. I cannot get it to actually fire a ball. The bolt does reset.

I have tried 0-3 shims in there. Don't know what to adjust or tweak now, any help?