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I have a classic automag with a level 10 bolt that leaks no matter what I do. Leak stops when trigger is held down. I've changed all o-rings, used plenty of lube, removed all shims, and installed the smallest carrier with little effect. The leak persists, ranging from moderate to floodgate. What the hell is wrong with this thing?

The level 10 carriers (all of them) fit very tightly into the power tube and must be pushed down to the bottom with considerable force (even when soaking in lube), as if it's hanging up on the powertube's threading. However, the carrier o-rings show no visible signs of damage when removed, but who knows.

Any tips?
The carrier does fit tightly into the powertube. Your leaking sounds like it might be sear related. If your sear is worn, the bolt will sit too far forward. The vent hole will always be past the carrier oring. Make sure you have the rail bushing as well. This could also lead to continuous leaking.