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Good morning guys,

I've acquired an Automag Classic over the past year and I've fallen in love with it. Just last night I finally received the final piece of the puzzle to make my own perfect marker: the Level X bolt.

I carefully read all the instructions and proceeded to build up the new bolt and such from the instructions and online videos. Sadly to say, none of the carriers work. I've been paintballing since I was 11 and consider myself pretty marker savy, but this has me stumped. I've read that I'm supposed to choose the carrier that is snug with the o-ring along the bolt rod (sorry for the improper usage of words, I'm pretty tired), and in the videos it appears that you can get one that is snug. None of the carriers allow me to make it remotely snug. I air the marker up and it begins to leak down the barrel, but stops when I pull and hold the trigger.


I've tried all the carriers, even the one line and one dot, and went through all of the carrier-held o-rings they supplied me. It just seemed like none of them fit enough as described in the instructions; they all seemed pretty loose around the bolt rod no matter which carrier I used. Perhaps I got a bad batch.

I tried all the carriers and added and subtracted shims; but was primarily shimless. I got the marker to actually shoot, but with air still leaking down the barrel and actually out the back near the velocity adjuster, which is also leaking now as well after I had messed with that too.

I'm a bit stumped. I'll fasten everything down again and even call up AGD to see if I can get new o-rings expressed shipped. I really want to use my level X by this weekend!!

Thanks for any help you can provide!

The carriers aren't supposed to be snug, just not too loose. Its rare that you get orings that are too big on the inside diameter. Usually the small carrier with no lines and no dots will make any oring tight enough. Hopefully the new orings work for you.

While you are waiting, check your sear. Make sure it isn't worn at the tip. That could cause the bolt to sit farther forward, exposing the vent hole a bit causing a consistent leak out the front.

As for the piston assembly, you will have to get a new one of those if you want to run a level 10 bolt on an older classic mag. The older mags worked around 350psi and vented air a bit higher than that for safety. The level 10 bolts often work above 450psi.