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Got my x valve with a 10 lvl air is bassing through the valve because i can hear a slight leak but the gun wont fire any tips?
I'm going to assume you mean the leak is out the front.

You will need to tune your level 10 setup. First, remove all the shims from the powertube. Install the short gold bolt spring to start. Then install the largest carrier size that does not produce a leak. Always use the same white carrier oring when changing carriers. The carriers are actually used to change the inner diameter of the oring, so it is important that you use the same one in each carrier that you use. Don't bother putting the shims back in.

Once you get the gun to fire without bolt stick or leaking, adjust the bolt spring. The bolt spring you should use is the one that allows you to operate the gun at about 20fps above the lowest velocity that the gun starts to cycle at. If the red bolt spring allows the gun to start cycling at 260fps, then the ideal operating velocity would be about 280fps. If the gun starts cycling at 285fps, then the ideal operating velocity would be about 305fps which is too high. You would need to use a shorter bolt spring to lower the starting velocity in this case.