O.K., I have acquired a SCUBA and can put in my level 10 tonight.

But, since I am still a MAG newb, I have a really stupid question.

I have put in a 1.0 carrier, no shims, and the stock spring as suggested to start off.

Now, when I air up the marker air comes pouring out of the barrel. Now, I rechecked my carrier and it really is the best choice. The 1.0 is pretty snug, whereas the 1.5 just slides off. The .5 is really tough to get off.

So, I should also state that my velocity has to be really high. I had previously cranked it up, and if I keep cranking it up I notice that my leak does get much weaker. However, I have begun to see the thread on the back adjuster, and I don't want the thing flying out on me either!

It is not leaking out of the back, but if I keep turning it, can I damage the gun?

Also, when I get it to the point where it stops leaking, pulling the trigger does NOTHING.

Any help would be much appreciated.