I installed my LVL10 in my Emag today. I ended up going with 1.0 carrier, 2 shims, medium spring. I put some paint in the breech halfway and it won't chop so it seems like everything's fine other than my velocity is very inconsistent. I first set up the gun using my original stock Emag spring and my velocity was always in the 270 range but when I switched to the LVL10 springs velocity went wild. I tried the longest spring first but I couldn't get the velocity down low enough. It was over 300 everytime. Then I went with the medium spring and I was able to get it lower but it's too inconsistent. I tried the next largest carrier but it leaks. Shims shouldn't make any difference so I didn't change them at all. I just put 2 as a starting point and they seem fine. I'm using a J&J Edge barrel kit so I tried the different bore sizes and the paint (Diablo Blaze) doesn't seem to be the most consistently sized stuff either) which of course might be the problem. With the medium spring I'm shooting anywhere in between 255-310. The paint size might be the problem as I'll shoot one at 255 and then I'll shoot 4-5 that are all around 280ish and then one will be 300. Maybe it's just a bad paint/barrel match but I want to make sure it's not something with the LVL10 that's causing this, or at least contributing to it. I need more consistency to play tournaments that's for sure.

Also, will I have to change to a smaller carrier later after the o-rings get broken in ?