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Thread: ** Official Level 10 Problems Thread **

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    Quote Originally Posted by Empyreal Rogue
    My LX is leaking, I just need more shims- yes?

    But my problem is, I don't have any LX shims. I bought my marker with the LX installed but it didn't come with any extra parts. I'll check again but I'm pretty sure I'm shim-less. I do, however, have two ULT shims left over.
    My problem is still up.

    My gun fires perfectly well and is tuned pretty well. Although it could use some adjusting. I put a popsicle stick in the feed neck and it got chopped up but not very badly. Anyway, it's still leaking at 900+ PSI in the tank but below that it stops leaking; that's only because the tank is almost empty by then. :\
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    Broken Main Spring

    Has anyone experienced the problem of Main Springs on a LVL10 breaking?

    Reason is, after playing a few games I suddenly noticed I was not able to shoot off a big string of paint and after a few shots all I would get is chuffing and bolt stick. So I took the valve out and noticed that the cut Main spring was busted. It's a good thing I had a back up set.
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    Level 10 Shootdown?

    My e-mag and level 10 are set up well, but maybe too well. The gun chronos pretty good, in between the high 270's and 280's. My flatline is feeding a gang of pressure up around 900psi or so. my problem is that if I shoot too fast it gets drop-off. By too fast I dont mean to the far out reaches of the capabilities of an an emag or my halo b... but too fast for the valve(maybe around 12+ bps). With out level 10 this bastard was way faster. I swear the resistance from the bolt is tricking the level 10 to think theres a ball blocking the bolt. But if I change to the next carrier, its too big. Would the bolt spring or shims have anything to do with it?Any suggestions...

    thanks fella's

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    Level 10 Rate of Fire

    I installed the Level 10, it's great, no chops but lost my automatic high rate of fire afforded by the RT. Am using the red spring, input air is 850psi. The trigger is 1/16 away from the pin until I shoot it a few times, then it moves up tight. It is locked in place with Locktite so it is not moving. What could be the problem? Velocity is at 290fps, no leaks unless I revert to stock spring.

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    i just got my rt ule custome for agd i took it in the back yard and tried to walk it and it just broke all the balls it has ult kit to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePenetrator
    My e-mag and level 10 are set up well, but maybe too well. The gun chronos pretty good, in between the high 270's and 280's. My flatline is feeding a gang of pressure up around 900psi or so. my problem is that if I shoot too fast it gets drop-off. By too fast I dont mean to the far out reaches of the capabilities of an an emag or my halo b... but too fast for the valve(maybe around 12+ bps). With out level 10 this bastard was way faster. I swear the resistance from the bolt is tricking the level 10 to think theres a ball blocking the bolt. But if I change to the next carrier, its too big. Would the bolt spring or shims have anything to do with it?Any suggestions...

    thanks fella's
    Do you have the middle spring installed? I was messing with my RT tonight and I noticed it took a lot more air with the middle spring in and the bolt would lock up if I fired to fast. I put the small spring and it will rip now, but be a little harder on paint. I haven't had a chance to mess with my E-Mag a whole lot yet, but I bet it would be the same there.

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    ok i have hd my level 10 for a while and i have had only 1 problem with it every time i fire it the bolt will stick like the peice of metal that pokes out when u fire the trigger it dosent come back out for a while and i dont know whats wrong with it at all i tryed oil i took out a shim and it still dont work right i have a 1.5 carrier in it and i tryed hte next 2 sizes and they leak like crazy i dont have any more things to do to it can anyone help?it kinda like locks up to where the bolt dosnt come foward and neathe does the trigger.

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    Use a smaller spring

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    I have the second smallest carrier, not a problem does not leak, and 2 spacers with the stock spring (i tried them all) and my bolt wont make a full cycle forward, it keeps regeristing is if theres a ball chop. Im running a Stock 68 Classic with a 16oz Co2. I have read quickly for other problems an seemed to find mabye a velocity adjustment would do the trick? Thanks in advance for the help!

    EDIT - I just raised the velocity and it works fine, YAY
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    Unhappy Help might have a big problem

    Hey all supper newbee here once again.

    Ok i put about 500 rounds of paint through my gun.
    Took the tank off, cleaned it up like a good boy.
    The next day i get it ready to play and i am testing it out to make sure it is top notch, I pull the triger and i shoot one ball then i hear a hisss sound then i pull the trigger again and it shoots fine for a bit then a hiss sound again so i stop. I take out the bolt and have a bit of a time getting it off. I notice on the bottom of the bolt the brass thingy is sticking out and i can see a white O ring. I go Ohh my what the @#$!. So i get a pair of pliers and a wash cloth so not to mark up the bolt and try to push it back in. It goes in fine and I put the gun back together again and i hook my tank up and pull the trigger and nothing at all. I went back through and reput the bolt back together and nothing at all .


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    what would be the optimal settings for the lvl 10 to work the best...longest spring and smallest carrier??...i know when i used my longest spring and the carrier with one dot i couldnt' get it to chroney under 300...i'm about to give up..

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    i have a problem with my level 10 bolt. After i shoot about 500 shots through my mag air will start leaking out of my lv10. sometimes its bad and sometimes i can barely hear it. usually if i smack the side of my gun with my hand it will stop for a little while of just get quieter.
    its starting to get really annoying during tournaments because it distracts me, so if anyone could help me i would really appriciate it. thanx
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    Talking question

    I have been reading through these posts about problems with the lvl. 10 and I am recieving mine in about 2 days. I was just wondering do you think I will encounter many problems trying to install it, is it normal. Or could i get just a perfectley normal one?

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    nah, it's really easy. But you gotta keep on taking it apart until it works. Also, follow the directions either inside the kit, or online at those are perfect directions. save the fine tuning for later

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    My lvl 10 is on a drilled retro valve with the ULT and I'm getting crazy bolt stick where the bolt will not recock and go into the normal position. I have to remove the ball stop and stick my finger in the gun to push the bolt back. I've tried adding shims, and it gets to the point where it will not fire, I've oiled it with no improvement....

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    goin crazy

    i too have put the smallest oring carrier in the power tube, added and removed ships, adjusted velocity, and tried every spring in the kit and the spring from the old valve and so far the only results i have gathered from my "new xvalve" are a nice sized leak down the barrel which has exhausted an entire 91ci tank.

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    New X-Valve and Lvl10 setup

    I have a new x-valve that I am trying to get setup. I have the 2 carrier in it with no shims and the fit seems to be good but I am still getting significant leaking. What's odd is that the leaking goes away if I keep pressure on the trigger. Also if I attempt multiple shots without keeping pressure on the trigger then there's a lot of chuffing. If pressure is keep on the trigger then it shoots quite well. I can also only get the smallest spring to work, all others result in no firing at all, even with the pressure turned up until it leaks out the back.


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    if you have a ult, it is best to take it out and tune it with the stock on/off. then i would suggest changing the o-ring on the carrier, or changing carrier sizes, thats what causes leaks out of the barrel. i'd reccomend at least 1 shim in the level 10 as well, but they arent all the same, so just play around with it for a bit, once you get the right settings you wont have to mess with it again.
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    having problems with a mag

    hey guys
    i have a mag with a hyper frame and a level 10 kit, the problem is that the marker always shoots 2-3 shots per trigger pull ??????
    hope someone can help

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    im pretty sure thats not ur level 10, its either your trigger, or if u have a ULT it might be that as well. try posting on the tech forum

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    I hope you are not using a ULT with a Hyper frame. Those don't go tegether very well.
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    Another Lvl 10 Problem

    Well I might as well start from the begining.

    I bought a minimag lvl7 off of ebay and have had it for about a month. Prior to this I have never took one apart but have known them to be reliable guns.

    Right away I put in a parts kit. Then went to play, the only problem is that the speed was a bit slow. Fully cranked I would get 280 - 295, I know this is plenty fast enough but me being the perfectionist I am I was worried that next time it might only go up to 270... and so on. After doing some reading I ordered a reg. piston and spring pack. (I ordered the reg. piston as well because I was waiting on a lvl 10 kit I ordered) The spring pack fixed the velocity problem.

    Now I have received the lvl 10 kit and have attempted the instalation/troubleshooting of this upgrade (questionable).

    I used the size 2 carrier (2.5 leaks) and no shims as the expanded instructions specified. First I found that even with no shims my bolt resets (the instructions state that it should not reset without shims). I added 2 shims after anyways lol. Then I tried the long and mid springs to no avail (did not try the small spring), it would not shoot, I maxed my velocity as high as I can turn it for each and then tried with no shims just in case. So I used the standard spring (old one was new with parts kit just over a case shot with it) and it works, sort of anyways. Starts shooting at 275 and have had it up to 325 with more twists to go on the velocity adjustment.

    Then I tried the test for choping I used tape on a ball and dangled it half-way into the breach, 4 out of 5 balls choped and the one that didn't chop on the first hit did so on the second hit.

    Would anyone have any sugestions to get this working a bit better? As this seems useless as it stands. I have shot over a case of paint in my gun with the plain old lvl 7 and have yet to have a ball chop. Also when I saw the lvl 10 used a fomie it turned me off lol.

    Now in case you are wondering I am using a crossfire 68/4500 (red reg), a gas-through, standard trigger frame (modified with a double trigger), standard body and an ans quick twist (tourny velosity adj).

    Thx for your time and hopefully help

    BTW: Am currently on pg.11 of the 37 pages (did read the last 5 or so as well) Someone should take this thread and make a nice faq, would also be nice if more ppl posted that a sugestion worked. If I have time I may attemt the faq.
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    New RT ULE Custom - leak left hole

    Ok, this is my first mag so I maybe I missed something, but I hope ya'll can help this noob mag owner out....

    I received the mag directly from AGD on wednesday, but didnt have any air to gas it up with till thursday. Well, when I got home thurs after getting a fill, all i hear and feel is a leak coming from the left side hole. Ok, so I left it gassed and tried to turn down the velocity, well, I tried turning the vel adjuster, placing the allen wrench all the way in and turning, no luck in it budging. Since that was not doable, i degassed it and started to oil the components of lvl 10, 4 -6 drops into the asa, oiled the vel adjuster luck.

    Stock RT ULE Custom
    Dye 71/4500 preset 850
    End Edit

    Any ideas suggestions before I take it to paintballmaxx to have Brad look/fix it, hopefully it's just my idiotness.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Beginning minimag user.
    After installing the lv10 bolt my gun wont shoot.
    First I found the largest carrier that didnt leak. Then I pulled the trigger. All I get is a hiss out the barrel. Then I tried upping the velocity. I maxed it out and I still get the same hiss. I have also tried a different bolt spring size and 1-2 shims. I put my old bolt on and it shoots fine.
    I am using a friends co2 because I ran out, he said it was full.
    By the way, where can you get a co2 hydroed at?
    Thank, Ryan

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    i have the same problem as mist001. Except iam using the 2.5 carrier and no shims and the longest spring. Will my bolt still be able to reset after chopping a ball? i added two shims and it leaks like crazy took another one out and still leaks. i took all of em out and the gun shoots fine but b4 i could test a paintball out it ran outa air!! I have not tried 3 shims just because 2 already leaked.

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    Alright, i am pretty new to the Level X, but I had it in a RT Pro and used it in a couple games, roughly shooting 4 cases through it no problem. I then got kinda nuts and changed parts on my RT and went to a warp left body and Tac Rail. When I installed my LX, the bolt would not reset, and when it did, I pulled the trigger only to have it start leaking by again. I did try to install a ULT in it, could this have caused my woes? Even when I went back to the stock assembly, I am having difficulties. Also, the sear assembly is dragging inside the place notched for it to fit. It is dragging on the front side of the assembly, should I maybe mill it a little to let it travel freely?

    I should mention that this RT Pro was a prize given away at an MXS scenario, and was tuned great, but I like to tinker and have unique looks and any pain I am experiencing is probably my own fault. Please Help....Thanks.
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    hears my 2 part problem. When i gas up my marker my gun wont cock all the way so i turned the volocity all the way down and back up and it started to work ok. but then if i fired the marker and waited 10 seconds the marker would wait then fire a ball ten feet and the next one would be fine. I think the problem is a combine of boltstick and its leaking down the barrel. Can any one help please
    How do you take out the carrier
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    help with rt mag

    i have an origional rt mag with a 68/4500 high pressure tank and before i installed the level 10 it could easly shoot 18 bps but now i can't even get it to rapid fire at all the lvl.10 works great won't chop a "q-tip" but it is annoying as to why i can't use the r-t any more can any one tell me how to get it back with out taking out my lvl. 10

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    first off whats your input pressure and secondly have you turned up the velocity?

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    input is 850 and i can't change it because it is preset and the velocity is a stable 270

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