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Thread: anodizing steel question...

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    anodizing steel question...

    Im anodizing my gun and I have a digital thermometer that has a steel shaft (I wanna use it to measure the temp for my ano tank). The thermometer has a steel shaft to measure the temp. I know steel melts in ano tanks, but do you think it would be ok for a second while I measure the temp, or will it mess up my thermometer?

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    Steel will react violently possibly explosively in an anno tank dont do it...
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    yea thats probably not a good idea. Maybe you could put it in a plastic bag though??? I know the acid doesn't eat plastic (cuz you can use plastic tubs), but obvously these are different grades of plastic.

    You can do what people suggest and go to a pet supplies store and get a thermometer for the side of the tank for only a few bucks.

    Oh, i've got an idea. Why dont you heat some water to like 90 degrees, put the digital thermo in there, see what it says, then press it up against the side of the tub and see what it says. You may find that in order for the temp inside to be correct (say you're aiming for 80*, i dont know whats ideal for annoing), your thing will say...70 on the outside.

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    Get a glass thermometer from your local pharmacy. Yes Sulfuric Acid in the anno tank will react to metals... specially with it having and electric current going through it.

    Good luck... make sure you have your gloves and googles on for safety.

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    You can check the temp, but don't leave it in the acid. Wash it in water as soon as you take it out. It won't disintegrate (right away anyway) because it isn't hooked to the power supply. It is only in the acid.

    You can protect the metal by coating it with a laquer coating. It shouldn't affect the temperature reading too much.
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    can u anno steel?

    i've heard that you cant(?) you prolly wont have anything left after you're done lol.

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