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Thread: The gnomes are out for YOU tom

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    The gnomes are out for YOU tom

    These gnomes gave me a message, I was at home depot the other day, and when I was in the gardening area I ran into some gnomes.

    Message from leader of the GNOMES

    Tom, you are ruining all of us, we despise you, our days of basking in glory inside autocockers and shockers are coming near to the end. We used to be able to relax all day, knowing we had jobs making guns shoot farther than other guns at the same velocity.

    Tom, you better lock your doors, and keep alert.
    You better not walk through any dark alleys or any lawns at night

    Because WE will be after YOU.
    But hold on one second I really have to use the BATHROOM!

    Of course, I decided not to hold on one second, so I didn't get to the rest of his message. Everybody, be very careful, I have much concern for all of your safety.
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