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Thread: What ever happened to Tom's Tech tips?

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    What ever happened to Tom's Tech tips?

    Like the title states. I was reading them this morning in my usual work day of web surfing thinking that it would be nice to see some new ones. I am sure Tom is swamped right now but I just found those very interesting and would like to see more myths dispelled.

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    I guess,thought i really do not know, that they havn't had a lot of time to do research lately. But since i really want to see some more replies to the thread, UP!

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    Xen Guest
    tom does an article in APG the last few issues. Its a good read

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    The Articles in APG have all been regurgitations of what has been on this website forever.

    My roommate walks over to me with APG in hand and says "Hey listen to what this says about spinning paintballs...blabla bla bla bla......"

    "Yeah, I know. I read it on AO a month ago."

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    I have a new Tom's Tech Tip,

    Toms been busting his bum with the Level 10 design, manufacturing, and assembly. Busting his bum with the new software upgrades. Busting his bum trying to get C&C emag bodies here and finished. Busting his bum finishing the ACE.

    Plus hes running the less glamorous parts of the companey...

    Obviously if you look back - Tom has been busy trying to get YOU new quality products.

    So - please forgive him if he has be lax with some new tech tips... hes only one man!

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    Webby, are you trying to circumvent the curse filters?

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    I swear, sometimes tom needs a clone or something. That way things can be done twice as fast or at least be done with less stress.

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