I know how that sounds but hear me out and let me know what you think.

I switched from a Dark Angel to an Emag for a couple of reasons. First off I have always been impressed with the innovativeness of AGD (6-pack, powefeed, retro valve, warp etc.). I’ve also been impressed by their quality and customer service. Now this being said, in the past I just didn’t seem able to get paint out the barrel of a mag in one piece consistently. I’ve learned a lot since then. For instance I used to use a standard mag with a VL200. It’s no wonder I was a blender during fast bursts! However when the Emag came out (and I learned more about rate of fire, feed rates and the benefits of a agitated hopper) I realized I could set in on electric or hybrid modes and not have to worry about my trigger pull. I bought an emag and have been very happy since. I do break paint every now and then, but not unduly so. Now with the lvl 10 I can shoot any mag without breaking. I happen to have a retro mag with warp as a back up, but now I’m wondering will it be as good as the emag? Sure the emag has e-mode, but I like it in hybrid.

Can a retro mag shoot as fast as an emag in hybrid?

Is my Emag now obsolete?