As I'm reading through the posts, people keep talking about "marketing the Lvl 10 to mag users". I don't think that was really what they intended at all. AGD knows that it has a loyal following, and that most of you are some sort of tech/gadget freak (don't worry, I'm included in that group) that would buy the Lvl 10 or the super shiny on/off button, or whatever else they put out, because you guys love your guns, and you enjoy upgrading them. And you know that AGD always puts out quality products and they back them up.
However, AGD's presence has kind of dropped off in the market place the last couple of years, for whatever reasons. I'm sure Tom does this because he loves what he does, so it's the perfect job for him. And if he wants to continue doing what he loves and keep his employee's employed, they need to sell guns.
Now the one reason people said they didn't like mags has been removed...what's to keep them from buying AGD again. They could by an RT with a lvl 10 upgrade and get near electro performance and not break paint! At 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of an Angel!
I think it's a great way for AGD to reclaim some of the market it once held. I remember when pretty much everyone who had a "high end" gun, either had a mag or a cocker.
I've always recommended mags to new players for ease of maintenance, reliability, and customer service. Now I can add to that, "And you probably won't break paint again!"
Just some thoughts,