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Thread: new factory mods A/M

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    new factory mods A/M

    Its been years since I played. I have an Automag w/ power feed. It has a foamieless bolt. It has an armson spacer in the power tube. It has a TASO expansion chamber and runs on co2. The serial number is around CF21000. What factory upgrades would be missing? What problems does it cure? I have seen new parts for the tip of the power tube.

    Information would be much appreciated,

    Charles C. Spencer III

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    um, the lvl10 its like 85$ and worth every penny...
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    What is changed in the mods? Also, I saw a valve exchange program. can anyone tell me if this valve is the retro?

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    Is there any mods to have the trigger setup electronically on a power feed automag?

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    well if you have a pre level7 valve the only difference may be the on/off top...(no your valve in not a retro)

    you can get just the on/off top froom the agd store and it should work no prob... also look into the level 10 update.....

    there is the go retro program... how it works is you order a retro valve through agd under the program and send your old valve in to them following their instructions at the same time they ship you a retro... if you wait a couple of months on it though the level 10 should be standered on it... also the retro is hpa only....

    as for Egrips on a mag... there is a Emag upgrade... also there is the booyah/mako frame and the centerflag hyperframe....
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    The egrip conversion mod, where do I find it? Is it an AGP upgrade? Is it tourney legal to use an electric trigger? Also what was the level 8 or 9 upgrade?

    As far as the level 7 upgrade and level 10; I will get them. Thanks for your help

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    The two ways to get an electronic frame would be to buy one made by either mako or centerflag i know the center flag one is about 300 or 250, not sure about the mako, or to get the emag upgrade from agd.

    About the level upgrades, level 7 is the current level of the standard valves, level ten is a bolt kit upgrade that prevents chopping. You can get more info on level 10 on the main forum. Levels 8 and 9 were the retro valve and emag, which is why there is the jump from 7 to 10.

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