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Thread: benefits of 2 piece barrel

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    benefits of 2 piece barrel

    what is the benefit of a two-piece barrel? i'm talking about all two-pieces, not just the ones w/ interchangeable parts. i already understand the benefit of being able to switch parts, i'm wondering more about the accuracy/quality issues.

    i guess i could break this into two parts:
    1. do they shoot better in general, and if so, why?
    2. what about stainless backs specifically?

    i'd prefer technical answers, not just "i use a boomstick and it rocks!"


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    ss baCk doesnt make a diff. 2pc.. ok most of them or all.. there 2 diff bores (small in back, large in front) witch makes a good combo b-c u get the power or w-e from the 1st piece then it goes into the 2nd to be made accurit (porting)

    think of it that way.. with one piece the ball will start to drag witch u loose power.. and uses more air

    i think

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    is the boomstick 2 piece, if so where can i buy a tip?

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    while not a long time mag user, i am a relitively aged pball player. In the sense that i have sampled many of her fruits, 2piece barrels do not inherintly raise accuracy, or efficiency. SS isn't nessisarily better either. EXAMPLE: many years ago, on my wonderfully janky spyder compact, i bought a OTP 2-peice barrel that was 16 inches long, with an alum front, and and a SS back. I also Purchased A ceramic injected barrel that was 10 inches long, with porting at the tip(it had an effective legnth of 8.5 inches) the OTP Barrel was terrible, even when bore sized correctly. An all around nice barrel is the Alll American, The G1, and the ceramic... also the stock RT barrel is much better than many of the aftermarket barrels on the market today*cough*teardrop,boomeys*cough*
    -BTW my mag is the best buy ever
    68 Automag Classic P/F H/L
    Vertical adapter w/TKO gas thru foregrip
    CP Lightning Drop Forward
    Custom 11.5 ceramic/teflon injected w/cp head
    12vlt revvy
    JANKY 48/30 crossfire
    AGD molded rubber grips.

    Soon getting:
    more paint

    -it's not the gun that makes the player, unless you have a mag

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    Talking I AMMEND MY STATEMENT, Boomeys are tolerable( No Text)

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    1 peice barrel no more than 12in with minimal porting that matches your paint = good

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    espomag454, i'm referring here to all 2-piece barrels, whether they screw apart or not. boomsticks would fit into that latter category, obviously. sorry if i wasn't clear.

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    Dye boomsticks are glued together not screwed so the size you get is what you keep. Dye glues them so that they stay straighter for longer(eventually the glue wont last). With other two-piece barrels screwing the fronts and backs over and over gives the threads natural machine wear and will eventually not be straight. It's all preference, IMHO the dye titainium shows much promise.

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    I think stainless backs are for better durability and strength. Possibly helps balance the gun. I know that my Carbon Fiber barrel is a glued 2-piece like the Boomstick, and it gradates from a large bore in the back to a medium bore in the front (like what Baja said). Same said for the Boomstick. I found the barrel to be my best shooting among others like Boomies, All-Americans, etc. I think overall my 2-pieces shoot better than the single pieced (Dye aluminum, Stainless, etc.).

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