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Thread: electro trigger for mag, got sum ????

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    electro trigger for mag, got sum ????

    i got a level 7 mag, i was thinkin of buyin a used boo-yaah trigger, wat needs to be bought to get it to work, cause i've heard the selnoid can't push the on/off so u need a new 1, is it true, explain

    and if i buy a brand nem mako frame is the selnoid fixed (from pussy boo-yaah selnoid to a selnoid strong enough to push the on/off pin)

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    don't buy an electroframe, it will void your waranty, rip up your gun and destroy it. the grip will tear up your bolt and in turn destroy all of your gun. If a practicle and safe electroframe could be made Tom would have made it already, not to mention the customer service for those compaies is seriusly non-existant, realy.

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    I must say while a few parts of your post are true, it is not entirely true. I have a Hyperframe on a mag. Worked great with level 7 and works extremely well with level 10. If you get it setup right you wont have any problems at all. Mine has never worn out a bolt or sear. AGD will not service a marker with an aftermarket electro-frame so you must put your old stock frame on before sending it in, if necessary. But if you are lookng to get a electro frame I suggest you go with a centerflag frame. There tech guys have helped me out a ton, and all at no charge. They even sent different length on/off pins so I could tune it to my desire at no charge. As well as the stock and intelli frames work, some people still want an electro, and I think the hyperframe is a nice conversion product.

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    mxracer, i am sorry but i did not consider the tech suport at centerfalg, they do have good tech support, i should have said that boo-yah, or whatever, does not have tech, but i am surprised to here you havent had any problems. you must have set it up well enough using the tech support. One other thing about an electroframe though, what happends when you send your gun in for service with a stock frame on it an it woks but it wont work when the electric frame is on it. Do you know anyone with this problem? j/w

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