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Thread: Best small bore barrel

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    Best small bore barrel

    I'm curious to know what everyone would pick as a reasonably priced small bore barrel for a 68 classic. I'm currently running a J&J ceramic on it, but I find the bore size is a bit too big for the paint I have available locally. (Diablo Blaze, Team Colors, JT Maxim) I mostly play woodsball, so I'm not after anything that's shiny and would stand out when I'm trying to hide. Black would be my color of choice. (I guess that puts out a Lapco Autospirit unless I have it powdercoated.) I'm not interested in obtaining a freak system since most of the paint I shoot is small bore and the J&J will pass for medium bore and I already have a large bore barrel. I'm basically just looking to round out my collection.

    Thanks for your help.

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    j&j is my favorite. but a few years back proball changed sizes a bit and i havent been using it much. but another good small barrel is lapco. this its autospirit. but not gonna go in my attic to check at the moment.
    and im sure CP makes small bore barrels

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    I was just going to suggest an Autospirit. It'll shoot small paints nicely. I like Lapco barrels, sharp looking, light, efficient... and LOUD!!! Have fun!

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    An old SP All- American. back before they went 2piece. Very nice barrel!

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    Myself and a teammate are shooting Armson SSR's now. We've been shooting Diablo Nightmare and ZAP Chronic, and it's dead on.
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    My friend has a Lapco Bigshot and he loves it, though it isn't small-bore. found the Autospirit to be the most accurate barrel in their testing. If you can shoot small-bore paint all the time I'd get the Autospirit. I've also heard it's really picky on paint (of course it's smallbore). As for shininess, Lapcos are made in black aluminum, though it's a little bit shiny, it isn't bad at all, probably wouldn't give you away. A matte powdercoat finish would be stealthy.

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