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Thread: Autococker Anti-Chop Bolt

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    Autococker Anti-Chop Bolt

    Well, I just got back from the IAO and while there I stunbled upon the Jam Enterprises (affiliate of CenterFlag) booth. I picked up one of their anti-chop cocker bolts after putting my finger in a 'cocker with it on there.

    It's just a standard open-faced bolt (venturi does nothing), with four inlet holes (better gas flow and no putting the bolt in upside-down).

    Now, for the anti-chop part. What they did is take a normal bolt, with a holw for the pushpin, and drill the hole longer, so that the bolt could stay back while the back block, push-pin, etc. moved forward. Now, they put a piece of plastic to secure the pushpin, then put a spring in there.

    So, what happens is under normal conditions is function just like normal, while lightening a mechanical trigger a bit. But, when the bolt encounters resistance, it will stop because the spring's pressure allows it to do so, while the gun actually recocks. So, it doesn't affect anything but the bolt, then, you pull the trigger to "shoot" the gun (although nothing comes out), and the ball drops in, you release the trigger, then all is well.

    Now, the ball gets a dent in it from sitting in there, but I've shot some and this doesn't affect accuracy, and at the very least breakage. Then, for the ultimate test. A 96 cocker, which is in my sig is what I put this bolt in (jah871 has one for is freeflow, but doesn't have air). This isn't some super-low-pressure Shocktech cocker, this was an ancient cocker. I pulled the trigger to open the bolt, then put my finger in there and let the gun recock. Then I pulled the trigger and my finger was fine. I did about 20 shots.

    Now, if you put your finger all the way forward, so the bolt has some travel, it may hurt a bit, but when it's right up against the bolt, you're fine. Granted, this is not as nice as lvl10, but is much more simplistic due to the fact that the cocker is a closed bolt design.

    So, go to their website at and pick one up. Keep in mind though, that this affects the timing of the gun a tad. The cocking rod must be adjusted back a bit as this bolt sits a bit forward. You can still fire balls, but it won't feed properly and the bolt will have to do its job too much.

    I got my clear polished bolt for 42.50, and the last-day clearance was 40.00, but they're available for 45.00 up to 75.00 (65.00 for the nickel bolt plus 10 for teflon, which teflon is worthless, the guy even said, but go for it).

    Finally, a TRUE drop-in product that fixes us 'cocker owners' ball-breakage problems. I haven't broken a ball in 3 cases of Big Balls (broke a few with Premiums), but this is extra insurance that even with short-stroking I won't break. This is also good for people just starting out on 'cockers who break a lot due to shortstroking, but even for more experienced trigger finger's, it's nice to know that if I'm sitting in an awkward position and pull the trigger wrong, my balls won't break.

    You can set your recock pressure as high as you want for a higher ROF because the recocker pressure won't affect the bolt's spring, as they work independently.

    The guy who [helped?] design the bolt said that if my bolt ever breaks he'll send me the parts or I send it to him and he'll fix it and pay for shipping both ways, and he took my address to send me any updates, so I hope his word holds true. But anyway, go out and buy one of these, they're great.

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    everyone wants to be like tom.

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    Actually, the person at the booth said he had no idea about level10, which does not surprise me. Now, supposedly, he and tom traded their products to one another. I don't care if everyone does want to be like tom, as long as it makes my gun shoot better .

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    TRIAD- WOW! I don’t know what you said but you said a lot. I did not read it.. any of it.

    Please folks, it is much easier to read your posts (and more so when they are long) if you use PARAGRAPHS. White space helps give the eye a rest and makes it easier to follow the text.

    This is not a flame…. only a plea….. please folks, no more 5000 word run-on paragraphs. I would really like to read your posts.. but after a long day, I simply don’t have the focus to struggle through posts like that.
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    ROTFLMAO.. Very... eloquent way of putting it shartley

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    Thanks TRIAD... MUCH better, and a pleasure to read. Thanks for the post. Keep us updated......

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    cocker antichop bolts

    there is a problem with them. i read on another forum i frequent about them and now that i think about it it made perfect sense.

    the bolt is allowed to over travel because the inertia from the bolt throws it back farther in the pull(the bolt continues back past where it normally would because the spring compacts)

    and then has to play catch up on the way back. the extra travel time has to be accounted for so the bolt lags a little.

    this according to the other poster, causes various problems with really fast electronic cockers, or people who can just haul butt on normal ones.

    heres my 2 cents in paragraph form

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    just so you all know, that new bolt still hit's the ball harder than a properly set level 10 bolt

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    I'll have to see how it works on long strings, but really it shouldn't be a problem, as the bolt should just come back when the rest of the backblock, etc. comes back as it will exert force on the bolt, just it won't stay closed quite as long. I'll have to see it in action, but for right now, it seems like the best thing to happen to my gun. I'll post pics and maybe a vid once i get my warp and rico.

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    The sad part...

    As cool as this sounds, I wonder if they are saying it is an original idea...

    Boston Paintball had this "Reflex" Bolt years ago when they introduced their Reflex Autococker. The Reflex was simply an RT Autococker that cycled so fast it would chop paint, so the bolt was created to bounce off of the paint, and allow it to feed. I don't know if this guy is the same guy that worked with BPS back then, but if not, this is a case of been there, done that...

    By the way...The reflex bolt didn't work very well...
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    The bolts were made incorrectly, and are too long. No, not for a different 'cocker model but too long. However, Jah871's is working fine, and so I'll let you know how mine works, it should be no problem.
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    Oops, posted on my bro's name ^

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    I don't realy see a need for a bolt like that, it isnt that hard to lower your cocking pressure, and with a little tweaking you can get your cocker to reliably pinch almost any paint.
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    I sure can't lower the cocking pressure enough to get my gun to pinch paint.

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