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Thread: OFFICIAL THREAD!! AO Day South Carolina 2002 (register now) TOM IS COMING!!!!

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    OFFICIAL THREAD!! AO Day South Carolina 2002 (register now) TOM IS COMING!!!!

    AO DAY SC Nov 9th 2002


    Gold Dragon Paintball is the Official Event field

    See the field:

    Highlight of the Hill Challenge Field

    Paintball Inc. will be supplying PowerBall Pearl at $50 a case to you. Paintball Inc. is supplying some Raffle stuff too.

    Ultimate Air field!!!! Our good friends down at Regulators Outpost in Dalton Georgia have stepped in after Paintball Inc could not supply a field and are bringing up an Ultimate Air kind of set up in a five man size. Great thanks to Tom Blevins for saving the day on this and to Rob Long for finding him for us. Visit Tom's site and lets support him for helping us out. Regulators Outpost Web Site

    Clemson University Paintball Club and Daniel High School Paintball Club will provide refs, Field Judges and Volunteers for the event.

    We hope to have a complete Tech station set up. I think that Brian Terry is going to do some of that.

    Mel at Paintballistix will provide AGD products. Level 10's, Intelliframes, Warps and Retro Vavles will be on sale there.

    And theAngelguy will be setting up his booth too and involved in Angel tech work as well.

    More breaking news!!!!Yes!!!! Tom Kaye will be there!!!! Come meet the master of the Mag!

    Breaking news! Bob is coming!!!! Yes! theAngelGuy himself!!! And he is maybe hinting about some cool Angel guy stuff to give away and doing some tech work. SO you Angel AO members turn out and meet Bob!

    Inter-Forum Involvement! Styles *****ley (LOL the filter doesn't like your name!)he is the Co Admin from PBC and we got "Conqueror" a PBC Cocker Moderator and Cocker guru who is willing to tech those for us (we will need that huh? Snicker...Sorry just kidding!)and Nerobro a Moderator from PBN will be there!!!! This will be neat huh?

    We are asking even more Celebrites for attendance and they will be announced as soon as we can. So far from AO we have Army, Sarah, Mel from Paintballistix, JonAGD (the Wang master himself) , theAngelGuy, Team Black Cell from NJ and of course FatMan and Cphilip! I have also invited Capo, and Bill and Dawn Mills and Odyssey Paintball Products and well many many more of our respected AO members. If we get a large pre-registration then I think we can snag some of them too. And as you know already a large contingent from NJ is planning to come. Follow the crazy hijinks of the NJ bunch here: NJ Bus Trip thread

    Some tounge and cheek training and information for you Northerners heading South for this "Yankee Trainin" here

    3 Man Tourney on one field only will be held and a small entry fee of $15 per team payable on the day of the meet will be seperate from registration. It will be only to cover trophies presented. Note that this leaves three speed ball fields and the woods open for rec play all the time. Tourney rules are being drafted and will be published long before you get here.

    You do not need to shoot a Mag....but I expect you will be harrassed! And you do not need to already be an AO member to attend but we ask that you do join AO to complete the registration or be a guest of an AO member. It's free to join AO, The best Paintball site on the net!!!

    Along with this, after the day of play, a nice Dinner Party with band at Explorer's Bar and Grill that night, after the play day, which *is included* in the registration. Featuring the Wild Hog Band. Again this is a complete take over and we own the place for the evening. Our own Bartender with cash bar, Pool tables and big screen TV. All this is included (except the bar) in your $25 registration fee. Menu is Wings, Chicken Tenders, Club Sandwiches, Veggies, Dips, chips, water and Tea included. Starts at 8:00 last call is 11:00. Dinner served around 9:00. did I say this was included?

    All day Air and the field fee is also included in the registration.

    Registration fee is $25 FOR EVERYTHING!!!

    Note: except 3 man tourney. That will be additonal $15 a team payable on the day of the meet...and your paint...see above.

    Registration info

    Notice Register right now!!!!! we need to know numbers you can pay later see the directions within the registration link.

    UPDATE ON REGISTERATIONS!!! OVER 80 showing and I know of about 30-40 more! HAVE YOU MAILED YOUR REGISTRATION MONEY? If so then fine... I will be updating you on those as soon as I can get back from Florida.

    BUT if you have not please do so in the next day or so. Or...Bring Cash to pay the day of the event. NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY BUT BE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TAKE CHECKS OR CARDS FOR REGISTRATIONS/DINNER THAT DAY!!!! CASH ONLY THEN!!!. We will be set up for Cards for paint sales.

    SO EITHER MAIL NOW IN TEH NEXT DAY OR TWO OR BRING CASH THAT DAY for onsite registrations. But if you can please go ahead and hit the registration page anyway. JUST TELL US YOU WILL PAY CASH THAT DAY. But come on anyway but be prepared to pay the $25 in cash there

    There will be preregistration for a fairly long period but due to the Dinner we will need to do this kind of thing. Non-refundable unless ample prenotice is given for hardship. If not then consider it a donation to the University Paintball Club. It will go to good use. All people at the event must come through the registration table even children and people not playing. we need you registered and a waver signed and you need to get your tickets for dinner as the Raffles will be based on those!

    Registration Page: SC AO DAY Registration Form here

    Please note that the budget and prices calculated for this event are not expected to generate revenue. However with a very large turn out (100 plus) they may, so we are going to contribute any proceeds to the University Paintball Club if they do.

    Hotels/Motels (all within five miles of the field and located in Clemson SC 29631

    Host Hotel is the Days Inn of Clemson SC

    (864) 653-4411 Toll Free (800) 329-7466

    20 rooms are blocked out for Automags Online - Microwave, Fridge and coffee pot in each room - Continental Breakfast - Evening Snacks - 2 Queen size beds per room - Group Rate is $49.00 for 2 people and $5 for each additional person (or $59.00 for 4 people). Block rates are for the nights of the 8th and 9th of November. Rate good until Oct 16th and after that based on availabiltiy.

    I dentify yourself as "Automags Online" to get the rate!

    Notice!!!! I have just been told that if you call the 800 number for the hotel doing the group rate, they know nothing about the special rates. You actually have to call the hotel directly at (864) 653-4411, to get that rate. Otherwise they will charge you the normal 59$ a night.

    Additional Hotels:
    Hampton Inn (864) 653-7744
    Martin Inn (864) 654-9020
    Sleep Inn (864) 653-6000
    Lake Hartwell Inn (864) 654-4450
    Ramada Inn - Clemson (864) 654-7501 (800)272-6232

    Limited camping at the field. You need to email me and discuss that.

    There will be more info as this progresses and I will get that up as it does...

    Respectfully yours

    Philip Carroll and Walter Ligon (aka cphilip & FatMan)
    Co-Chairs of the "SC AO EVENT COMMITTEE" (self appointed )

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