Hi TOM and AGD (and AO of course ),
I work as multimedia producer over here in Hamburg, and I am having exams at University atm.
The thing I am working on is a 15 second long 3D Animation about some "anorganic item" - technical stuff in 3D so to say. Due to the fact that I am a big AGD fan, played an Automag for a long time myself and was so lucky to be one of the few Level 10 beta testers in Germany , I would like to create an X Mag promotion Video. It should be like this :

An X Mag , created in a 3D program, is shown on the screen. Cool rock / metal music is playing and the camera is going all around the X Mag, showing it from every side. From time to time, there will be a fade, and some action paintball scenes are shown, preferably scenes by players with X Mags or E Mags doing some crazy moves or triggerin´ like hell. Then the X Mag is shown again and so on. At the end of this movie, I would like to insert the AGD logo, and of course some kickass sentences about the X Mag (you choose it, whatever is good could be inserted, e.g. "because quality always shoots straight" or so)

I dropped you an email about this, but didnt get any reply.
Please get back to me in case you think this stuff rawks.