I took a trip to my local periodical store and picked up 3 paintball mags (cost me 15$!!!!!!) and as i was reading one on the ride home i saw this very interesting statistic. What do you think is the most popular gun, if you guessed the autococker, well you guessed right, 21% of people use the autococker. i'll list the guns and thier % below

autococker 21%
spyder 20%
tipmann 18%
Angel 9%
Excaliber 7% (ok i don't know anyone who uses one)
Automag 4%
Shocker 3%
Brass Eagle 3%
Pump gun 3%
Matrix 2%
Impulse 2%
who cares 1%

Now I think that these results are a bit scewed, but if you only keep tournament guns it would read in order Autococker, Angel, Excalibur (?), Automag, Shocker, Matrix, Impulse. I personally don't know anyone who uses a Excalibur, and i've only seen them in trade show pig tv videos so i have know clue how that got so high. Other then that i thought the mag did pretty well, especially if you take out the spyder, tipmann, BE, and pumpgun. Well just wanted to pass this info along.
Cited from: Paintball2Xtremes, September, 2002, pg 20