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Thread: impy vs mag

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    impy vs mag

    allright here is my deal... im confused. I don't know if i should get an automag with a level 10 and a intelliframe or if i should get a impulse with some other crap on it. Im also curious how fast people can round off with an intelliframe on a regular mag. Well tommorow im going to play with a rat impulse and ill see how i like it...

    All comments greatly appreciated.


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    Well, let me be the first to welcome you to AO. WELCOME!!!!

    Anyways, Impys, great guns, with a new trigger, they have a great amount of ROF. Pretty Low pressure if thats what you want.

    Mags, are more reliable(mabe), the trigger is short, but not as short as an electro, and it will be heavier.

    Hard choice so, the conclusion is... GET A COCKER!!!!
    You smell like dookie... No really though.

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    Impy's are great guns if that's what you like. I had a toxic impulse and it shot pretty good. Other than it's "break-in" period where it woudln't stop chopping paint. However, it just wasn't for me. I came to realize that I will always have to shoot a mag or I just can't play paintball. Got to go with the best.

    My girlfriend said that if i bought another paintball gun, she'd leave me........ I sure am going to miss her.

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