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Thread: Automag vs Autococker, please level with me

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    Automag vs Autococker, please level with me

    EDIT: THIS IS ONE OF MY VERY FIRST POSTS I cant be responsible for what it says

    Hi everyone,

    I am looking at a new gun, one that is good out of box but VERY customizable so I dont have to buy another gun. Right now im looking at the basic autococker and the minimag. I know many of the great features of a minimag but not so much of the autococker besides its complex. I know the autococker has to be good in some ways too. I am afraid of complexity, but I need to know if that is a serious problem or not. I love the minimag, but I also, for some reason like the autococker (they must be brainwashing me while I sleep). I'm going to buy one or another so I need help PLEASE, REAL help and not just saying "MINIMAG" because you all own mags and autocockers are evil. Which one is truely better? Whats this timing thing about on autocockers? Do things really break easily on autocockers? Which is better PLEASE

    Thanks ahead of time
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