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Thread: Paintball club started @ college need advice on AIR, fields etc

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    Question Paintball club started @ college need advice on AIR, fields etc

    Okay a friend started a small club last year with some other guys playing paintball. We became an "offical" club by our college, during club day, we had a signup sheet and filled 4-5 sheets with about ~130 signatures. So now we are a big club. Anyway....some of us have some scubatanks, but I am trying to push for an aircompressor and some larger tanks. I think we could find some cheap solution for making a field, but later we are thinking about getting into hyperball, airball, barrel courses etc. Since we have many people in this club it wouldn't be that expensive as a group to split and get a fill station, any ideas prices and places to look to look for a good aircompresser that fills up to 4500, used pref?
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    One word EBAY. They have alot of compressors for sale.

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    Some points...

    Which college are you at?

    If you don't know much about compressors, make sure you find someone who does who can make sure you're getting what you need to get the job done.

    Of those 130 signatures you got on club day, you will be LUCKY if 20 of them become active members of the club. If you don't have a meeting and a paintball outing in the next week or two, you'll be lucky if you keep 5. It's just the nature of college clubs.

    Even with 100 people in the club, you're still talking $100 each to really set up a field, and there arn't going to be 100 people willing to chip in that kinda cash. Your best bet is to write up a good proposal and approach the student government or student funding board for access to university funds. You may want to contact Matt Spitz over at Iowa State as he's already done this at his school.

    Where are you looking to have this field?

    In all honesty, in most cases it's more economical to work out a good deal with a local field than it is to try and start one on your own. The local field has the advantage of being able to spread their costs over their other traffic, and the couple extra bucks you'll end up paying is probably well worth the headaches you'll avoid trying to run your own field.

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    What Chris is saying is very true. Many sign but many never follow through. But do not get discouraged. If you get 20 good members to start that is real good. Maybe FatMan will jump in here and help out. He is the Faculty Advisor to the Clemson University Club and can tell you how we did it.

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