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Thread: why was xmag discontinued?

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    why was xmag discontinued?

    I tried doing a search but could not find any real info. why was the xmag discontinued and what was the lawsuit about?

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    Wasn't it something to do with the shocker and smart parts?
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    there was no lawsuit

    xmag was stopped officially because of sluggish sales, high high cost, supply issues (AGDe stopped production of the bodies).

    Yes, smart parts / patents / lawsuits may have been a consideration, but I do not believe that AGD was ever sued by SP

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    I think it was a combination of Tom Kaye trying to bring the sport back to the rec level and smart parts beign nazis.

    They claimed some kind of divine right to own all electropneumatic markers, and the x and emag fell under those categories.

    Also, I think mags were losing their spice in the "omg its shiny and expensive and new so i want one" kinda of attitude a lot of tourney playrs seem to be picking up. They were getting old. Sales dropped.

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