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    Talking warp

    Howdy I just got my AGD warp feed and I have a couple or three of NOOB questions:1) after the run in period will the vib sensor settle down to a steady spot? as it goes right now I have to adjust it every time i want to feed balls correctly with each shot. 2) does the kit only come with 2 mounting screws? since I havent been running a drop forward or bottom line, I dont have an extra set of screws for the mounting plate. could you give me the specs on them(metric/standard adn what size) so I can try to get a couple more? 3) I am running a old school PF/Hopper left MAG and i dont have to worry about out shooting the warp or my revy but I want to get more battery life could you tell me how to set up a on/off switch inline with the paralell 9 volts?
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