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Thread: Is this why Airsoft is gaining popularity?

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    Question Is this why Airsoft is gaining popularity?

    While surfing today, I came accross this sight: Link!

    Guns for $3 to $20? Wow that is super cheap. How much do good Airsoft guns cost? Are they a;ll Spring powered?

    Just a question....

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    yep. cheap spring powered ones from china. i had two and payed a grand total of 1.10 for both of them.

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    You can find good electric airsoft rifles starting around $200, and you can easily find some that are well over $1000.

    The gas guns are good, but they cost more to run 'cuz you have to buy gas & not just charge batteries.

    The cheapo spring powered models are barely better than pea-shooters, but they do make some high-end spring powered guns.

    You basically get what you pay for...

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    Haha, look at the "HJL" on that link.

    They put the red dot sight on backwards.



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    I think me and a few friends are going to buy some and play in our basement with them. I found some for 20 bucks that shoot about 150 fps, that would be a blast.

    edit: this is what im talking about
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    Is there anywhere to research airsoft stuff and compare guns? How would somebody who knows nothing on airsoft find a quality airsoft marker, what do you look for.

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    Tokyo Mauri is considered a good company. All of a companie's guns are generally the same internally. Almost all airsoft guns are remarkable similar internally. Like spyders and thier clones. Basically I would pick a RL (real steel is the airsoft term) that I like (G36 all the way) and find someone who makes a replica. Then look around for a few opinions, becuase there are some crapsicles out there. has a good selection of quality stuff.
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    Nice a P90 and MP5 my favorite SMG's.

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    The guns in the link are spring powered POS... (excluding that mp5 sd6. Those aren't that bad, for a spring.) but they cost under $50 and all the way down to maybe $20, which makes them affordable for little kids who seem to be extremely interested in airsoft, although they dont have a clue what real airsoft is.

    In general, a good airsoft gun is either gas or electric.

    Tokyo Marui makes the best most reliable guns. A full setup will cost about $330 (Gun, battery, charger...) + the cost of BBs and shoot at 270 - 300 fps stock.

    Good gas guns are about $120. Mine shoots at about 350fps, but fps of stock gas guns vary greatly. You will also need to buy gas canisters for it and BBs. is a great resourse for info. They have a very active forum if you have questions. Make sure you post in the newbie section....

    also follow some of the links on the site to retailers and other sites for even more info.
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