Hello Guys.

Whats Happenin? AS you all know, I am in chile For a year.. Well the tournament i have been blabbing about has come and gone, and it went off with out a hitch.

LEmme start off by saying, i will have the pictures up this week.

THe tournament. The tournament was run by Marcelo Del Pino and Frederico....um i feel really bad i forget his last name.. And was Put on by their company PTG(paintball tactical games) and their other business Paintball Depot.

Marcelo is a great friend, I met Him Through Jon at AGD, and he invited me to play on his team, what a great guy.

Well The tournament was the 3rd Grandslam in the South american Milennium Series.

Lets Begin with Day One. Thursday.. My host families Brother and I arrive To santiago after our 12 hour bus ride. We get there and Meet Marcelo, and we procede to drive through Santiago. We go to his business partners house Frederico and start to work on getting things in order. We clean up the garage, and start to pack for the Tourny. Then we spend the rest of the day working on impulses...ugh.....

After the impulse work, we decide ot head to the office and get some dinner...MArcelo asks me what USA food i really miss, and we order up pizza hut.. MAN was that good.. So after that, we go to Our PLAce where were staying, were staying with One of my Team MAtes Named Lalo. Great guy.

DAY 2. This day marcelo and i drove around getting bulk Co2 Tanks For the impulses, and a Scuba tank for me. We get everything set up, and go off to the field. MY other Team mates Manzana, Checho, Claudio, Frederico, and hernan are all there. THey have picked up the paint( severe Cyclone) and set up the field. Well, its time to practice.

We suit up and get ready to go, and marcelo asks me if i would mind playing with the B team, so that he could move a player up to make the A team Full 5, and have us play 4. Well, this inst am b, this is just the other team. THe competiotion level was Right at Am A, and i think with a little re working, there coulda been a pro team there. THats how good these guys are. Well, THe A guys that is.

I quickly learn that 2 of my 3 other teamates are not too good. SO this means that the tournament for me would baisically be 2 on 5.

Day 3 The tournament.

As i stated before, THe tournament for the B team, which i was trying to strengethen was really just 2 on 5. Needless to say, out of the 4 games (it was done round robin style with out finals or semis) we played, i found my self alone for a good 3 minutes before i was bunkered... Yes 3 bunkerings in one day, thatwasnt good for the ol ego..... Well it turns out, i was awarded the Animal Player award. This Award signifies that i was the one playing with the best form, and playing the best i could have. I was truely honored, but i tried to turn it down, i did not diserve it. Other people i felt played better than i did, i felt as if i played like crap. MY team (both) assured me it wasnt my fault, and that putting me with the beginners hurt both teams than it did good.

It finished out Sombra A (1st) sombra B(2nd) PTG A(3rd) ATR (4th) and my team, PTG B 5th.

After the tourny, every one sourrounded Me and My E-mag. They were totally stoked by it! they all loved level 10, and the e-mag its self. MArcelo told me he had a few people interested, so i turned her over to him to sell....Since i have my pre order comming soon on my extreme.....

WHO HERE READS FACE FULL?????? if you do, IN the Issue with the Tom Kaye interview, look for the article of where is paintball HEaded, there is a small blurb about chile and paintball, written by my friend MArcelo. PLEase all pay attention to this article.

I need to ask EVERYONE, including agd and AO that we need help. Chile needs paintball help. Let me tell you how bad. We need help with funding. Everyteam after the games, with the exception of me, scrambled out onto the field, to find un broken paint, so that they may shoot it in the next game. Now we all know how bad this is, but they need to do this to have enough to play.

Another team, who was quite competitive didnt have enough for motoroized hoppers for their rebels. Nor enough to buy pods. So they would tape spare hoppers to their belts.

The Average Chilean makes 1/5th of what the average american makes.

What chile needs is more MAGS. Sounds like a ploy right?? wrong. We need more Entry level players, we need more players period. We also need a good, cheep, yet quite effective marker, Which we all know is the mag. I realize no one can really help with this, but im just tellin you all whats up.

Chile is comming along quite fast. there is a brand new field opening up shortly, and PTG will have theirs up soon also. Ptg's is actually road side on a buissy street. Can you guess where the hyperball is going??? right allong the road. With propper netting of course. Um i guess thats all the rambling i have......Pictures will be up soon, i promise. If A mod would stickie this i would be quite pleased.

You will notice in the pictures there is no netting, everyone had gogles on, just so you all know and dont complain.

I will also have videos up too..

Oh i guess the other main point of this was....THE E-mag was great, it turned so many heads, especialy the hybrid mode. LX was awesme too, i drained the scuba tank with people putting their pingers in the breach.

if you have any questions feel free to ask