A few of you may remember a thread I posted in here about a month ago. here's the link, for any interested- http://www.automags.org/forums/showt...threadid=48369

Well, I called AGD, and let them know what the problems were. I then boxed up ALL of my AGD products, and sent them up to be fixed. This was right at the end of augost.

First, let me add one thing to the original "problems" not mentioned in my previous post. On my emag, the grip frame was stripped out where the battery pack screw threads in. The result is that you cant tighten the battery pack. . you just slide the screw in the hole, and the battery wobbles (reallly annoying).

So anyway, I send the 3 guns and 2 flatlines off to AGD. I get a phone call(message) from a tech a week later saying that the searlock in the emag was missing, and asking if i would like to have another installed. I called back, and had to leave a message. I asked that the sear lock Pleas NOT be re-installed in the gun. (it's position results in me accidentally puting the gun on safe alot.) Another week and a half later, I get the first of my flatlines back. I was pretty excited, yet kinda bummed out b/c I didnt have any guns to test it on. Several days afterword, I get a phone call from the same tech. He informed me that all the guns had been repaired, and that there were some non-warranty charges I needed to take care of. I expected this (especially thinking that the whole trigger frame may have had to be replaced due to the trigger pin problem and stripped battery screw area problem.) He proceded to give me the list of parts and charges. This did not include a new grip frame. I asked him about those 2 problems mentioned above, and he said everything was fine and taken care of. I wound up having to get about 80 bux worth of stuff for the three guns.(the biggie turned out to be a new emag charger.) I happily paid for everything and he told me that the guns would be on their way soon. About half a week later the second flatline shows up. Still happy, still want guns to be able to check everything out.

This past friday UPS delivered my guns. I was SOOO excited. later that afternoon, i start putting everything back together. . . tanks on guns, ect. Then i start testing things out, and generally looking the guns over. I read over the repair sheets on what had to be fixed, and was pretty satisifed with what I saw. Then I notice that the battery pack is still wobbling- - I take it off and look down into the threads in the frame. . . . Still stripped. So, I called AGD and talked to the tech that had done the repair work. I asked him why the stripped area on the frame had not been fixed. He replied by saying that he was had not realized that anything was wrong with it. (this problem was listed on the repair sheet- - but not as a problem that was fixed.) Well, he then says that maybe the easiest thing for me would just be to take the gun to world cup, and have the guys look at it there. we talked for a bit longer, and I decided that i would look into beiing able to get to orlando and take care of everything there.

After the phone conversation, I noticed the trigger. . . the trigger pin that I had 'rigged' up by cutting it short was still in place. . . The trigger every now and then dosent want to fire in E-mode if there is any sideways pressure (to the left) on it. This was why I wanted a new trigger pin installed. This problem was also mentioned on the repair sheet, but wasn't fixed.

I attached one of my flatlines and started testing how the gun shot. Pretty nice, except for the E- mode. I can shoot just as fast on one of our rental tippmans as i can on e-mode. (and sustain that ROF on the pro-carbine eaisier.) So, I flipped it to hybrid and rolled away. Very nice, very consistent. However, I 'felt' like i was running the gun at it's max ROF (yes, i know that may sound a little absurd.) I do not have access to the equipment to test my ROF on the emag, but it DEFINITLY feels slower than I could shoot with my angel. FYI, according to the BPS counter on my old angel, I hit 15bps several times.
This felt more like 11-13, in hybrid mode. MAybe i could go faster in E mode, but not the way it's set up right now.

Afterwards, I put the emag setup up with about 1500psi in the flatline tank, with the tank turned off.
The next day, there was no pressure in the tank. I re-filled up to 3k, shot it a couple times, listened for leaks (no audible leaks), turned the tank off and went to work.
This morning when i went in, same thing. Tanks' bone dry.

Now, on too flatline #2.

This one was having some weird, severe problems with shootdown. (well, BOTH tanks were. .) I set this tank up on one of my retromags and gassed it up. Started shooting, and the problem is still there. If i shoot any faster than about 5 shots per second, i start starving the tank, resulting in some nasty sounds and drop off in the gun.

Now, the first retromag.

This is the gun that I attached Flatling #2 to. There were a coupole things that had to be fixed on theis valve, and were. however, when i gassed the gun up, it now leaks from the on/off area VERY faintly. The leak comes to a slow stop if you fire the gun and hold the trigger down, but starts back as soon as you let go of the trigger. I tried oil, as well as examining the on/off o-rings. Everything was SUPPOSEDLY replaced, and I have no reason to think otherwise, except that the on/off top o-ring dosent look very new at all. Maybe that just a result of oil though. Don't know whats causing this one.

Retromag #2 (my z-grip mag) seems to be working fine. well, that is after i gassed it up the first time and saw that the new sear that had been installed had the trigger rod just BARELY sticking out from the frame. . this cause the gun to be almost INSTANTLY short-strokable. Another phone call to the tech that did the work resulted in my legnthing the trigger rod so the gun would fully cycle. (yeah, i know. . . . . I had never legnthened a trigger rod before in my life- -- only shortned what other people had legnthened.) now, the gun STILL seemes VERY easy to short stroke, STILL has pretty bad reactivity (one of the original problems and why i sent it in to AGD). Now, I know that some of this is probably due to the fact that the flatline tank i use on this gun still has BAD recharge problems. However, it's all rather frustrating, dont' you think? I think I've included everything here. . if i discover somthing i've forgotten, i will include it later.

In summary, here's the basics.

1. I sent 3 markers and 2 air systems to AGD for repair.

2. MANY things WERE fixed on the products, and for that I am very grateful.

3. Upon return, EVERY product had either unfixed problems, or in 2 cases, NEW problems.

4. One month and $120 after deciding to send my stuff in to be fixed, Ive still got problems with everything. (*$80 for parts, and $40 for shipping UPS ground insured for $2000.)

I hope that when I call AGD monday, everything can be taken care of.

a little bummed out at the moment,