I had to post this because the original thread was CLOSED… and why? I have NO idea. Was there any valid reason for it being closed? None that I see.

The thread I am talking about is as follows:

Well…. here is what I WAS going to post….

I have read this whole thread a few times, and the way I see it is that it is in no way an “official thread”. In fact, I never even thought it came close to looking like an official thread of any kind. It looked to me like it was a thread made by a standard member, stating what he felt was important for folks to know. And as such, the person who posted it has every right to title it anything they want as long as it follows the rules of AO…. which it clearly does.

I have seen people from both sides post their opinions on the matter, and like everything else, it will ultimately come down to each reader making their OWN determination as to whether they want to purchase AKA products, or not. And as long as no LIES are being told, or FALSE CLAIMS are being made, there should be no problems with people posting their displeasure and any other opinions or facts that they may have. That is unless you want to censor them, for some strange reason.

Now as for AGD not making timelines, product failures, etc….. I don’t see how that really matters in this issue. Simply put, every successful company on the face of the earth has had a flop at one time or another, or WILL have. But that does not excuse the flop, nor does it indicate that doing so is “okay” and should be excused. If that was the case, very few companies would even try NOT to have a flop.

And as for any issues about how nice the owners of AKA are, or anyone else associated with them or their products….. I have said it before and will say it again… How nice someone is, or friendly, or likeable, or anything else, has NOTHING to do with product quality. And brining in personalities (likable or not) into an issue of product quality, reliability, living up to (or NOT) advertised and clearly stated claims, etc. I am sure there were hundreds of people who would have been willing to stand up and say what “nice” people the CEO/COOs of Ford and Firestone were… but that would not change the fact that there WAS a problem. The minute you try to drag how “nice” someone is, or how “not nice” they are, into an issue of product quality, you lose all objectivity….. sorry.

Note that I am neither for nor against AKA, nor any of those who posted in that now CLOSED thread. I do however find it odd that a thread that was not breaking AO rules (aside from a few jabs between posters) was CLOSED…… this really goes against what AO has always been about.